SWF Loader – PPC

AngryByte SWF Loader is a pocket PC software, it is used to allow pocket PC devices with windows mobile to play Flash animations and games in SWF format.

SWF Loader will generate an HTML file for your swf files, this file can be used to open the flash file without having to run SWF Loader again.

SWF Loader can generate high or low quality flash playback, you can use low quality to increase the frame rate for bigger SWF files on slower pocket PCs. Also SWF loader for pocket pc can be used to generate Landscape layout for the flash files to be used when the pocket pc is on landscape mode.

You will need adobe flash 7 activeX for pocket PC to use SWF loader.
To use SWF loader for pocket pc, just copy the executable file to your pocket pc then start it from there. no installation required.

You can download  angrybyte-swf-loader for Pocket PC here

SWF loader for pocket PC has been tested on Windows Mobile 5. But is should run just fine on other versions.

SWF loader for pocket PC is a freeware for now enjoy.

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