This is AngryCapture a screen capture application. All you need to do is to start the application, then hit “print Screen” on your keyboard everytime youwant to capture the screen. The image will automatically be saved to the same folder as the application.

– Two modes, a backup mode if the regular mode failed to capture the screen.
– You can choose the image format you want Jpg, Gif , or PNG.
– Valid Jpgs, unlike some other free solutions, the jpgs generated here are valid and you can open them with photoshop with no problem.
– Autosave, just capture all your pictures without stopping to save everytime.
– You can use the app in combination with microsoft paint. just keep AngryCapture on, select the area that you want to crop and copy it, AngryCapture will auto save it as if it was a regular screen capture.

– It’s free!

– It can be used with most of the games.

If this app was useful to you, and you wanted to give something back, donations are welcome via http:\\ send your donations to

Happy shooting!!

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