Naruto ep-80. The AngryByte review

After waiting one extra week to see Naruto shippuuden EP-80 It is finally here.


I was looking for something like: Shikamaru get’s very angry, surpasses his pain and lunch some new technique, may be with the help of the rest of his team (Ino, Shoji).

But here is what happened: akatsuki guys get some kind of a phone call and had to leave in a hurry, Asuma dies in slow motion, everyone is crying some kind of glossy tears, and the last thing this good sensai comes up with is to have a smoke.

Right before the end when Shikamaru was crying and turned back, I was shocked. There was some white smoke coming out of shikamaru, for a second I believed that he started smoking !! and what a good lesson will that be to every kid out there.

78-79 was actually good, but this one…sucks


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