Naruto shippuuden filler is over!

Finally, the Naruto shippuuden filler (The three tails arc) is over!

Naruto shippuuden fillerNaruto shippuuden filler

Starting from episode 113, the anime returned to the point where it took a different turn than the manga, right when Kabuto was preparing a new medicine for Uruchimaru, creating a deja-vu situation with the older episode where the filler was pushed into the storyline at the same exact scene.

By the way not everyone knows that the entire three tails arc was a filler! unless you have read the manga, this story can pass by you as if it was part of the real story.

Anyway I think that the Manga is much more entertaining, the naruto shippuden anime graphics crew is not as good as it was in the previousseasons of naruto, plus, the anime features a lot of  chatter and flashbacks which can be boring and very long.

For me, I will stick with the manga, I find it to be much more entertaining, it’s the original thing nothis more nothing less. How about you? manga or anime? did you fall for the three tails arc filler? if you were to change one thing in the anime. what would it be?