Blogging Directly From Microsoft Word 2007

A great thing about Office 2007 is that you can publish to your blog directly from it and here is how to make that happen:

Note that you can publish to many blog management software, but here we will discuss how to do it with WordPress.

First you will have enable XML-RPC from WordPress settings under “writing” as following

Then start your Microsoft Word 2007 and select Blog from the publish menu

Now you will have to select your blog type, for this example you should select “WordPress”

Now enter your blog’s URL and your username and password for it, maybe you should remember the password to avoid typing it everyday.

If everything is fine you will be able to start blogging now, write as you usually do in word, you can add pictures or whatever you would like .

When you are done you can press “insert category” to add a new category or just select one from your blog.

Finally Hit publish or choose publish as a draft from the drop down menu of publish.

That’s it, happy blogging!