How to SEO WordPress – a simple guide to SEO and wordpress


WordPress is a perfect platform that is highly search engine optimized out of the box. However, knowing How to SEO WordPress and the many factors that can influence how well you rank on search engines is crucial to land your posts on the first page of results. Many of these factors can be easily manipulated to improve your blog SEO, and thus ranking better on Google, which will lead to more search engine traffic, and ultimately, more revenues.






SEO and blogs.

You must be wondering, how some people can make a living off of blogs, where you barely make a few bucks a month. Well the answer is simple: these guys know how to SEO wordpress.

As we said before WordPress is great, but you still need to understand how to SEO wordpress.

First, and I assume you already have your blog running, what is your blog about? What do you write about? Before you start wasting your time learning how to seo wordpress, you must first check how well can you actually do with a fully SEO wordpress blog.

Do you know Google Adwords Keyword Tool? If not, then let me introduce you a very good friend. You can use this tool to know exactly what people are looking for that is related to what your blog is about, how many people as looking of such information, and fierce is the competition between websites for this subject. Let’s say for example that you want to create a blog about “How to SEO WordPress” , which is what I’m doing here although I’m just creating a post and not a completely dedicated to how to seo wordpress. Try opening the keyword tool and entering the main keyword, writing the captcha code, and searching. You will get the following results.

Google keyword results for how to seo wordpress

How to seo wordpress image

Your main keyword may not have enough Global monthly searches, then feel free to replace it with another one that has a good balance of high searches and low competition. This will also give you some ideas about what you can do with your blog, what relevant subjects you can discuss to increase the value of your blog. in this example how to seo wordpress is a perfect keyword. It has a relatively low competition and very high searches count.

Now let’s do the math, add all the global monthly searches for the keywords with very low competition that you will be covering. Then multiply that with 10% which is the average expected CTR (click trough rate, the percentage of people that will click your page when it shows in google), then divide that by 30 and you will get your number of daily visitor when you really get the hang of  how to SEO wordpress.

In my experience, and that really depends on the nature of stuff you are blogging about, you need around 10,000 visitors a day to make blogging worth your while. I will also write another post about how to estimate your WordPress Adsense earnings.

Now that you know how to choose a main topic for your blog, and have a main keyword, you are ready to choose your domain name. try to include the most relevant words from your main keywords in the URL, in this example, including the words How toSEO wordpress in the URL will have a great effect on the results later. Don’t worry if you already have a stupid domain name like, you still can make that work (you are reading this now aren’t you?).


How To SEO WordPress


As we said, wordpress is great, but you still need to configure your installation to fully exploit the WordPress potential. And first thing you need to do, is to select the WordPress Permalinks settings. It is highly advised to use a different settings that the default ?p=123. My favorite custom Permalinks configuration is


Careful that this exact configuration may slow down your server a little, because it doesn’t indicate the post number. But you will be fine, unless you are running the NY Times blog.

This configuration will help you improve your SEO, because Google likes to see what the user is looking for in the URL.

Another thing you can do to get better SEO is to have a good WordPress SEO theme. That is a big subject, and I will write another post about how to seo wordpress themes.

Finally, you can install a selection of free WordPress SEO plugins to help you rank better. But more on that is coming soon in another post.

Now you should be know how to SEO wordpress without using any paid services, plugins , or themes

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