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As we discussed in the previous post about how to SEO WordPress, Choosing a good SEO WordPress theme will help you get a better ranking.

To make this simple, I’ll say that you don’t have to get a premium theme to get the most of wordpress, and free theme can do it as long as it has the following Features:








How to choose a free SEO WordPress theme.


First choose a theme that you like, keep it simple, and avoid huge pictures and flash animations. Then check it if it complies with the following rules:

  • Headings. A Good theme will use heading like <h1> for the post title,<h2>,<h3> for subtitles inside the post. To check for this, open any post on your blog with the theme applied, then right click anywhere and select “View source”, Search for “<h1” without quotations , you should find only one instance of it around your post title. Having more than one <h1 is bad, and no heading 1 is even worse. Some people put this tag around the blog title and then h2 for post titles, well that’s also bad. Also check the homepage for this, if you have recent posts as your homepage, the titles should be in <h2> and the blogtitle should be <h1>.
  • <title> tag, this is obvious for most theme designer, and I wouldn’t add it if I didn’t find some themes that did not have then. The title tag is what is displayed on your browser’s window when you browse the site. Check the source to make sure that one <title is there.
  • Sidebars: Sidebar(s) must always be on the right hand side, search engines read your blog from left to right and reading all the stuff in your sidebar before your actual post contents will confuse it. There are some ways to have a left sidebar while keeping the contents first, if you really want a sidebar on the left, check the source and make sure that the post content is above the sidebar in the document.
  • Footer links, many free themes come with a bunch of footer links to wordpress, the theme owner website, or some link to a sponsor. Well these are bad, although it will be cool to keep the owner’s link as a support. Having these links will make google think that they are paid links, and it will penalize you for them.
  • Support for custom menus, multiple widget location, and breadcrumbs. These not critical to have, but it would be good to have them available.

Remember that having a good wordpress seo theme is only a part of having a SEO WordPress blog

That’s about it, I won’t recommend any free themes at the moment but I would like to know what is your favorite free theme and why.





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