WassUp a great wordpress plugin, at a cost

I have been using Wassup, a wordpress that provides visitor statistics to your blog for about 2 years now. It is great, you can track the keywords that are driving the most traffic to your blog along with your referrals and visitors counts.

The downside is that WassUp collects a lot of data, way too much, and unless you have a killer server, your blog is going to get slower and slower until one day when the MySQL starts crashing on you.

As a matter of fact WassUp provides the ability to choose the data to be record, but if you had all recording options on for a long time, there is no way to delete just useless data, all you can do is delete the records that are older than a certain period.

In My case, the Wassup grew up to be 514,91 Mb (1934468 records) and that is way too much for my humble host. But at the same time, I didn”t want to lose all the records from the last two years. So what I did was to write my own SQL to delete only BOTs and spider visits leaving all real users data intact. The SQL query was:

delete from wp_wassup where `browser` =”;

after taking around 2 minutes to execute, this query deleted 1675315 rows, leaving my blog fresh and fast without losing the important records.

Also do not remember to adjust the WassUp options not to record everything, but only the things you really care to know.

Do you like WassUp, do you know of a better alternative? Tell us your story.

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