Ark Survival -sm4 mode

I have been playing Ark Survival evolved for a few months now, but I’m not impressed with the performance that I’m getting from my PC when running it. I read about the Ark survival -sm4 mode where you set this startup paramter to force the game to run in DirectX10 mode.

First right click Ark survival game in Steam and select properties,

Ark survival -sm4

In the Menu, select Set launch parameters.

ask sruvival evolved sm4 mode

Set the launch parameter to -sm4.


Save everything and start ark survival with -sm4 mode. I noticed a slight degrade in the graphics quality, but a signification increase in the frame rate.

2016-01-04_00002 2016-01-04_00004

Some users have noticed a decrease in some lighting effects, like the light of a thrown torch. so if that bothers you, just remove the -sm4 mode from Ark survival and play normally.

Removing Rocksmith guitar noise

I started playing Rocksmith 2014 Edition shortly after i got my first  Squier by Fender BulletStrat w/Trem, Brown Sunburst
electric guitar, the game is amazing, you’ll learn to play your best songs all while enjoying a guitar hero like experience. The only problem that I faced was the constant static noise coming out of my guitar, even when no strings are being played. I came up with a few methods to help you overcome this problem.

1. Always calibrate:

when you start the game and notice the annoying static humming sound, go to the tuner and select the calibrate tool, after asking you to play all strings loudly, it will ask you to mute the strings, the trick is not to keep your palm on the strings, just silence them, and immediately remove your hand, it will help the game identify your noise level and reduce it.

2. Reduce the recording device volume:

it the noise is still too loud, minimize the game, and go to the recording devices (under the sound menu in the notifications area) find tyhe rocksmith input device and reduce its level, I used to set it around 25. remember to recalibrate after doing this.

3. The best solution that I came out with: use a UPS with a voltage regulation function:

I got myself an APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply , although I got it for an unrelated reason, I noticed that the noise is almost gone when playing rocksmith! it makes sense, because actually the source of the noise is most likely the AC power line, the UPS regulates the voltage level and reduces the line’s white noise.

The UPS method also works without Rocksmith!, I used to have a lot of buzzing and humming even when playing directly on an amplifier, plugging the amplifier through the UPS significantly reduced the noise, even when overdrive is active. it actually worked better than my BEHRINGER NOISE REDUCER NR300
noise reducing pedal.

RockSmith RealTone cable on PC without the Game

The Rocksmith Realtone cable is a USB cable used to connect your electric guitar to your computer in order to play the Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 games. The game itself is great and lots of fun. However it would be great if you could also use the RealTone cable to play the guitar without an amplifier and directly on PC, and that’s what we’re going to do today.


To use the Rocksmith USB cable as an input to your computer, first, make Rocksmith USB cablesure that it is well configured and visible as a recording device.


The next step is to obtain a virtual amplifier software, I use virtuAMP, which is free and has many cool effects with a good response time. You can download it here.

After you install virtuAMP go ahead and change the driver under the sound menu to “Windows Multimedia” also change the buffer FPS to 30, these settings gave me the optimal performance and speed.


From the File menu, pick, new and select “Everything” so that all effects are added to the screen.

PC amplifier


Rock on!

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server – Finally a solution!

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server is a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 error that has poisoned the multiplayer experience for those who still havent bought the latest game DLC.

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server   happens when a non-DLC player tries to join a game hosted on a DLC user machine, even if the current map is not one of the new DLC maps.

While InfinityWard still havent released an official solution to fix this iw_25.iwd error, a user on the steam forums confirmed that infinityward has allowed him to legally share the files  iw_25.iwd and  iw_26.iwd online, this fix will not allow you to play any DLC maps, just fix the issues when you try to join a game on a DLC server playing a non-DLC map.

To play the new maps and get a go on the new co-op missions you must buy the DLC at 15$ or so from the Steam market.

AlterIWnet is down who will be the alternative?

After almost 3 years of existence, AlterIW; a modding community for Call of duty Modern warfare, and Blackops, has finally been forced into termination by Activision, the creator of the call of duty franchise.

Call Of duty Modern warfare, changed the nature of its predecessors, no console access,  and worst of all, no dedicated servers. Everything must go through the Steam client, a change that was faced by outrage from the COD fans, making many of them trying to start a boycott movement for the new game.

The game ended up a success, but it gave birth to, a community dedicated to to offer an alternative gaming experience for the game, allowing dedicated servers, mods, and a better cheat prevention system. the community grew fast until it hit 1 million players.

The same community and developers also made another project “AlterOps” a project by which, similar functionality was added to the newer Call Of Duty: BlackOps, the project was still in beta when the AlterIW community was shutdown.

Many rumors are told about why did activision decide to go after AlterIW, some say that its because of some talks that an AlterIW was being considered for Modern warfare 3, the latest sequel of the franchise. Others think that the AlterOps project interfered with the yet to be announced  COD BlackOps 2 .

Some new communities are now trying to pickup where AlterIWnet left off. one of them(They asked not to be mentioned here) looks very promising. they already have a working WM2 server and are working to release their own version of AlterOps. This Romanian based community is most likely to stay clear of WM3, a wise choice that may prevent it from sharing a similar faith as its precedent.

R.I.P AlterIW, it was a good run.AlterIWnet

Final Fantasy III for iOS, 5 reasons to love it.

I’m not a fan of 3D games of the iPhone, they’re slow, ugly, and not fun to control with the touchscreen, but when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m always willing to make an exception, so I tried it, and I loved it. Final Fantasy III was a brilliant remake of the game that shaped today’s RPGs in 3D.

Final Fantasy III logo

So here are 5 reasons why you will love Final Fantasy 3

1. All the fun of a console Final Fantasy.

Except for the visual effects, Final fantasy III on the iOS will give you an experience identical to the one you loved on your game console, the story is there, the characters are all unique, leveling, humour. Everything that you would expect from an RPG. Final fantasy fans will not be dissapointed.

2. Speed and FPS.

One of the top reasons why I hate 3D games on my iphone 3G is the speed. 3D games usually get laggy, but not Final fantasy III. the game runs smoothly most of the time. even though the graphics in it are may be the best I ever tried on the iPhone.

3. easy controls with the touch screen.

Just swipe your finger any where on the screen to move the character, tap it to select, or pinch to zoom.

4.A full length Final fantasy experience.

Get ready for hours of battles, conversations, and menu navigation. FFIII is no mini game.


5. Switch jobs anytime.

Most console final fantasy games doesn’t offer this. Any character can become a warrior, a while, black or red mage, or even a thief, every job comes with a different look for every character.

So whether you’re a fanboy or not, Final Fantasy III for the iOS is a great game,

Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record SandBox mode review

Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record is a reinterpretation of the game with Frank West from the original Dead Rising as the main character instead of Chuck. The games takes place in Fortune City, the same place as the Original Dead Rising 2, and features some new locations. Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record revolves around the same main characters and offers a gameplay experience identical to the previous version. with the exception of the new Sandbox mode.

The game concept stays the same if you play the story mode. You have several days days to survive, you should secure a Zombrex for each day while completing missions, escorting survivors to the same safehouse, and making new weapons.

Photography is the only visible change in the story mode. Take Horror, brutal, or hot photos to score some extra PP and level-up faster.

Sandbox mode is a little different, there is no story, survivors are hostile, and there are much much more Zombies to make the journey worth your while. The goal is simple, kill more zombies to unlock more challenges, finish these challenges for cash rewards, spend the cash to get more deadly weapons.

I have made a short gameplay video, featuring the first couple of hours of Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record SandBox mode. This game may not be the best zombie PC game around, but it will give you a few hours of fun.


Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 – Launch Trailer released

The long awaited MW3 is alomst here, A new teaser was released yesterday proving that it might actually be the best Call of Duty ever. The game will be released on Nov 8th and it is already available for pre-order from Amazon for Xbox360, PS3, And PC

Pre-order from now to ensure release date delivery! click the version you want below.

WM3 PS3 preorderMW3 XBOX360 preorder

Download Portal 2 ending theme

Portal 2, was probably the best game I played this year, and boy did I play a lot of games this year! It’s really funny, innovative, and addictive. But you know whats better that? the music!

Portal 2 music and sounds in general are wonderful, from GlaDOS and its auto-tuned sarcasm, to the degenerated core with the British Stewy accent. The portal 2 ending theme of the game is one of the best ending themes ever. Both the Turrets orchestra and GalaDOS’s song “I just want you gone” are amazing.

I was looking around to see if Portal 2 Soundtrack was available, and I found that it is, For free including the Portal 2 ending theme!

You can download it by going here


So whats your favorite Portal 2 voice

download Portal 2 ending theme image

speed up RAGE on ATI graphics cards

I finally got to trying the long awaited game RAGE, after installing the 3DVDs game and playing it for a few minutes, I found that the performance was very slow. Textures took a long time to render, and the overall FPS was very low (around 20 I would assume). This should not be the case with my Core i7, 6GB DDR3, and ATI 4890HD.


The game doesn’t come with much graphics options to play with, just a resolution, and anti aliasing control. Which did not give much of an improvement with I tried them. The ATI catalyst option also had low effect on the poor performance.

Luckily for us AMD was aware of the situation and they have released a special driver to give you a good performance boost specially for Rage.

You can find the AMD Catalyst™ – Rage Performance Driver  here

This will work with your ATI VGA from the HD 4000 5000 and 6000 families.

Rage ATI game Picture