steam authorization failed alteriw FIX

Earlier today and out of the blue, I received the following error message as soon as my MW2 alterIW session was about to start:

steam authorization failed 

well, First off, I was not even logging in to the official alterIW server, but to a dedicated server with some friends. After a little bit of digging, I found a solution that fixed the issue for me. Do not try to follow this is you cheated and got your butt banned, it will not help. nor you would deserve help in the first place  >:(

First you have to delete the following files ( move them somewhere else or rename them, whatever)

caches.xml and steam_api.dll from the game folder, and inside bootstrap folder delete caches.xml

now open the game, wait until you’re in the main menu, minimize and go do whatever you do when you’re not playing MW2 online, go out, and meet some real people! kidding, just keep it minimized for sometime, in my case around 10 mins was enough, The alterIW says 30 seconds, I tried that but the steam authorization failed message was still there.

Now run alterIW again it should work. In my case it did.


Although I’m not so clear why this append in the first place, I managed to get rid of it. if you are still getting it after following this guide you can try this method that one of my friends is using.

If you do have a backup of the game, then great, erase your copy and replace it by the old backup, it should work fine. If not, reapply the AlterIW modification to your installation.

If you have any questions, please ask, it may help us get to the bottom of this.
+1 if this helped you!

Portal 2 crashes to desktop – Fix it

Portal 2 Picture
Portal 2


This Bug causes Portal 2 to just disappear and return to the desktop. This bug is now fixed, all you need to do is to upgrade your game. Google Portal 2 update. and download the First update and install it Your Game should work fine now.

There is also a series of other updates (update 2,3,4,5) you may get these as well to upgrade to the latest version, but for me just the first fix stopped the game from crashing to desktop.


DEAD ISLAND. A new place to kill zombies!


There have been a lot of games lately where the main task is to kick zombie ass. Many of them were successful, and here I count Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. The first came with the fun of playing co-op, where the second gains its fame from it DIY weapons. Now take the two, mix them and you will get Dead Island.

To keep this Objective, I’m going to put what I like and don’t like about this games into Points.


Well First, I like:

  1. Huge maps.

    You start the game at an island, a touristic resort of some sort, and man was it big. Crossing it from end to end on foot will take you some time. I would still say it was big if it was all, but I was surprised to find out that the second act takes places in the City, which quite bigger than the resort!

  1. Lots and lots of side quests.

    Almost you meet will ask you to do something, you can say yes or no, but why not? There is no limit to the number of missions you can take. And no one will go like, bring me 5 zombie heads or something. It’s always something that comes with an acceptable story, no pity errands for anyone.


  1. The RPG aspect.

    The Leveling up system is great. You earn EXP then you get to spend on a tree of upgrades. RPGs just the way I love them! On top of that, the upgrades differ for each of the four playable characters.


  1. Nice graphics.

    Not the best out there, but decent enough for you to enjoy spending hours ripping zombies.

  1. Unlimited storage for weapon parts.

    You can pick everything you find. Even from trash cans. Don’t leave nothing behind cause it might end up being the only missing part of some holy zombie grinder!



Now, to what I don’t like so much.

  1. The Action.

    So far I haven’t been able to fully emerge with the action. Your actions are frequently interrupted. you can’t evade or block. Only the old Karate “Mai Geri” kick can save you from a running zombie. And so far the combos kinda suck.

  2. The equipment system.

    You can have a bunch of weapons equipped at a time. You need to pause the game. Go into the equip menu, select the four or five things you need and then play. But what sucks is that if you pick up a new weapon, it will unequip the one you are currently holding, and you will have to go back to the menu to select again.

  3. Driving.

    It is cool they threw some cars in the mix, but the car control s are way too unreal, and the physics of the car are just poor.


If nothing, this game has set the bar way up for the next Left4dead.


So what do you think: Dead Island, Dead Rising 2, or Left4Dead is the best Zombie game ever.

FFXIV Macros

This is a list of macros to exchange between all classes with rank 1 basic equipments.

For those how don’t know what a macro is, it is a script you can write to automatically perform repetetive actions, such as, changing weapons, and actions when you want to move from one class to another.

I’m a Thaumaturge, so the first one is a little long.

/equip main “Weathered Cane”

/eaction 2 “Cure” main
/eaction 3 “Aero” main

/eaction 4 “Stone” main
/eaction 9 “Tranquility” main
/equip main “Weathered Cross-pein Hammer”
/equip sub “Bronze File”
/equip main “Weathered Chaser Hammer”
/equip sub “Mudstone Grinding Wheel”
/equip main “Weathered Pickaxe”
/equip sub “Bronze Sledgehammer”


/equip main “Weathered Hatchet”
/equip sub “Bronze Scythe”
/eaction 2 “Arbur Call II”
/eaction 3 “Triangulate”
/eaction 4 “Arbur Call I”


/equip main “Weathered Head Knife”
/equip sub “Bronze Awl”

/equip main “Weathered Alembic”
/equip sub “Bronze Mortar”

/equip main “Weathered Skillet”

/equip sub “Bronze Culinary Knife”

Few are still missing, I’m counting on you to finish the list.

You can just copy / past into the game.

Final Fantasy XIV maintenance page

If you have been struggling to get a beta key, and getting this maintenance page over and over and over.

You are doing something wrong, this actually is the default error page for any mistake you are making. to get rid of this and actuallysee the real thing try this:

1. Dont Just get back to the loginpage here  and try logging in. You have to go all the way back to the entry page here and start over every time.

2. Don’t try to follow some online guides to bypass the server errors and just get a key, they do not work anymore, just try every hour, and might get lucky.

3. Some have reported that disabling cookies in your browser may give you this page, try to enable them, or lower your internet security settings to the default.

Good luck, but currently I think no one is getting any Beta keys as the error remains “Applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended. Please wait until we are ready to accept new applications and then try again.”

Final Fantasy XIV not enough space 12GB in My documents driver workaround

Final Fantasy XIV requires 12GB of free space in the drive where “My documents” is. If you are like me, and don’t have that space available you  can do the following to change the default location of your my documents folder available

1.Open my computer and browse to c:\users\yourname\my documents

2. right click the my documents folder, select properties, and then select the tab location. Choose a new location with plenty of space, then hit OK.

That’s it, your document will move and you will be able to install the game.

Actually this is kinda stupid, because instead of writing the error message, they could have added a couple of code lines to allow manual selection of the temp folder for the downloader.

Good luck!!

Final Fantasy XIV OPEN BETA !!

Today I received an email from Square Enix announcing the start of Final Fantasy XIV open beta testing. I quote the following from the email I recieved

Final Fantasy XIV OPEN BETA

In preparation for the official release of FINAL FANTASY XIV on September 30, 2010 and the early release on September 22, we will be starting an open beta test to help put the finishing touches on the game. We ask that all users who can participate in the open beta test apply from the following website.

1.Access the following URL.
* The page will become accessible starting at 19:00 on Aug. 31, 2010.

2.Log in with your Square Enix account and have a registration code issued.
* Depending on the access status, we may temporarily suspend the issuance of registration code. If you cannot have registration code issued, we ask that you please wait a little while before trying again.

3.Register the registration code you received by e-mail on the Square Enix Account Management System.
Click “Select Service” from “Services and Options” on the left menu. Select “FINAL FANTASY XIV” from the services available and then “Add a service account.” Enter the registration code you’ve been issued and proceed to the end of registration.

The Square Enix Account Management System:

– Client Software Used in the Open Beta Test
The installer for the open beta test’s client software can be downloaded from the following website.

*If you have already downloaded the client software for the closed beta test, there is no need to download the installer.

– Transferring your Character Name from the Open Beta Test to the Commercial Release
As long as the World you choose in the commercial release is the same as the World you chose in the open beta test, you will be able to transfer your character name. If you choose a different World for the commercial release, your character name will not be transferrable. For details, please refer to the beta test site.

– To PlayStation 3 Version Applicants:
This test phase will deal only with the Windows version of the software. Details regarding the test schedule for the PlayStation 3 version will be released by e-mail at a later date. If possible, we still ask and encourage you to take part in the testing on a Windows PC.

– Note:
・The open beta test is being conducted on the Windows version of the game only.
・Latest news and notifications will be periodically posted on the forums of the tester site.
・The game to be tested is under development, and may differ from the commercial release.
・Please direct all inquiries regarding FINAL FANTASY XIV to the Square Enix Support Center ( ).

The Game Will officially be released on The end of september, that gives us a month to enjoy FFXIV for free!

This is a beta test, so I encourage you to find some beta tester spirit and use it, you must find AND report bugs to developers

New Games protection systems DRM, why even bother.

We have been playing video games since 1958, the gaming industry is getting even bigger and bigger every day, faster platforms, better graphics, smarter gameplay and control systems. But yet, we still struggle with the same problem we faced in the beginning, how to protect a game against unauthorized copying and distribution.

Back in the days in 1986 one of the first computer viruses ever was created as an attempt to protect against unauthorized copying. As if that was not a disaster per-say, developers kept on experimenting with different protection methods each of which was compromised sooner or later.

Today, 24 years later, we are still living the same struggle, and just until recently we didn’t care, but we are starting to get mad as recent DRM (Digital rights Management) systems started inconveniencing rightful owners of games, by insisting on a permanent Internet connection to some unstable servers to play offline games?


Coming to think about it, why are they even still trying? It has been like 24 years people, and not a single game got away without being cracked ( Don’t count PS3 games, but it’s coming for them as PS3 is starting the smile after being tickled for so long).

See, I believe there are 4 kinds of gamers, lets call them, the Buyers, The Testers, the leeches , and the Cheaps.

Continue reading “New Games protection systems DRM, why even bother.”

AlterIW iw_22.iwd file is incorrect – Fix it

Just a few unlucky guys  (like me)  get this error when trying to start Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II with AlterIW net.

“The main/iw_22.iwd file is incorrect

The problem with this error is that it does not give you any actual hint on how to solve this problem. The file is correct, try reinstalling from scratch but you will only be wasting your time.

Actually the problem is a networking one!!! no not a file mismatch or corruption. Just go here and follow the method the same that I used to play Resident Evil 5 on LAN

I quote this from that page :

On Vista, open the “Network and sharing center”

From the left pane select “manage network connections”

press the “ALT key” on your keyboard. the top menus will appear

Select “advanced settings” from the menu “advanced”

Use the arrows to move your LAN card up in the list then save everything.

Thats That my friend, Enjoy AlterIW and don’t cheat or noob tube.


If the method above is not working for you, maybe you can try the following methods:

RudeBoy method: I have two cards, one is broken, so I disabled it, that was the problem.

Nixan Method: MAC RESETTING (if you changed it before)

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections\

Open Local Area Connection Properties

Click Configure

Open Advanced tab

Select Network Address and check Not Present


If you have tried everything here and still have a problem, you probably have messed your iw_22.iwd, you can download the copy that is currently working for me here

Please continue to report if any of these worked for you, and if not how did you solve the problem.

MapleStory Error code =-40 solution

I wanted to try the MMORPG MapleStory, I downloaded the client using the direct download link (not the downloader), when I tried to install the game later I got

installation failed.(11433,0)

I googled around a bit to find that this is caused by a corrupt installation file. What we are doing here today, is to fix the installation without having to re download the entire client.

1. download Flashget (just google it) then install it

2.  From the Import list under file, choose “import corrupted download” find the client installation of the game.

3. Let flashget think about it for a while, then it will ask you for the download URL, go back to the game website and get the link, in my case it was

4. after thinking about it for a while Flashget will decide how much of the game is missing and needs to be redownloaded. Start the download and let it finish.

5. Install the game and have fun!

This method can be used to repair in corrupted direct download file not Just the MapleStory client discussed here

What is your favorite MMORPG?