Speedup Wimax connection

Wimax can take a long time to connect. That’s because your network access device is pre-programmed with a set of frequencies that the device needs to go though and select the best one each time you restart your wimax connection.

Luckily, there is a way to speedup wimax connection, but in order for it to be convenient. You must basically use your device in the same place most of the time. We’re going to remove all unnecessary frequencies from the modem, and only keep the frequency from the closest wimax antenna to your usual usage location. We’ll perform the steps on a Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The same can be done with any other modem, but the interface may be different.

Steps to Speed-up your Wimax modem:


  1. On your user interface, go to the settings, and then click advanced. For the Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The password is “admin”.
  2. Click Freq settings. Copy all preconfigured frequencies to a file, print them, tattoo them, anything you see fit to never lose them! In my case the frequencies were:

  3. Fill all frequency field with N/A (if you're not using Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem just copy whatever is used to fill unused spaces). Except for the first field, fill the first frequency in it, in my case 2505000. Save then disconnect\connect. 
  4. Check if you can connect, also note the signal strength. 
  5. Start over with the next frequency, and note the results. 
  6. Choose the frequency that connected and gave you the highest signal. Copy it to the first field and save. 

    Speedup wimax Huawei BM325

    That's it, in my case, my modem now only takes a couple of seconds to connect, instead of the 10-20 seconds before the configuration. 
    Notice that your modem will not be able to switch to an alternative frequency if the closest antenna stops working, or if you move to a new location. If this happens, please restore the original frequencies that were preconfigured. 


    That's all about speeding up your wimax connecting speed. I hope you found this information useful. 

Repair HP laptop charger yourself

HP laptop chargers are really bad, No matter what version your laptop is DV4 DV6 anything. Your charger is very likely to stop working within a couple of years.

The most common issue that I have seen with HP laptop chargers is when they stop working because of a short circuit at the neck of the DC cable goining to the laptop.

The cable structure is the reason for this problem, you see, it is made as three coaxial layers, separated by a weak plastic insulator. The neck of the cable, usually subject to frequent bending; is the weakest like. Overtime, bending will cause the plastic to break, creating a very small area of contact between layers, the heat generated from the short circuit   will melt the plastic even further.

Please do not try to follow this tutorial unless you have some skills with electrical equipment repairs. Do this at your own risk, you may harm your charger, laptop, yourself, the neighbors, or even the Smurfs, and for that or anything else I can’t be held responsible.

I recommend that you have a multimeter to test for voltages and short circuits before you start.

How to Identify if this is the problem with my HP laptop charger


If  this was your problem, you may have noticed that your laptop may start charging if you moved the neck of the DC cable. Also you can use your multimeter to check that the voltage between the head of the DC plug (that goes in the laptop)  and the small needle inside of it is Zero.

Procedure to repair the charger of your HP laptop

Now that you are somehow sure that you have this problem, or if you have nothing to lose you can start.

1. Gently Use a cutter  to  remove the external insulator from the neck of the charger, careful not to cut the thin aluminium fiber beneath it.

2. check and confirm that you have a short circuit (two layers touching and the insulator between them is broken. the area may look burnt. check the picture below

Hp laptop charger shortcircuit

This picture was taken a little later in the process, in your case, the wire below should be wrapped around the one in the top, the burnt white plastic is the cause if the issue.

If you find a way to isolate the two layers without cutting the cable, then be my guest because I couldn’t . I had to do that by following these steps:

3. keep a short distance around 5 cm and  cut the DC cable.

4. carefully uncover all three layers on both sides of the cable. Make sure that no layer in connected to another. The final result should look like this:

reparing HP laptop charger


You may need to leave a little extra space than I did between layers to facilitate insulating them later.

4. Now connect layer 3  together tightly, then wrap it generously with Duct tape. other the tape layer connect layer 2, and insulate it.

fixing HP laptop charger image



Now, if you want to, you may add something fortify the area and avoid bending it. I added two plastic straws from ear cotton swabs.

Now twist the last layer together firmly, and duct tape the entire thing generously.

You may want to use your multimeter to confirm that the charger is actually working before connecting it to the laptop.

The final result looks like this. Not the best work ever, but it gets the job done.

HP Laptop charger fixed

If you messed things up, or just can’t do it. you can just get a new charger, you can get good deals on HP laptop chargers on amazon.

Huawei Echolife BM626

Hi Today we will discussing the Huawei Echolife BM626 Wimax modem. It works as a wimax modem, a 4 ports router, a wireless access point B/G , and a two ports IP phone switch.

you may read more about this modem in the manufacturer’s website, just google it.

some info that you may not find easily in the documentation are:

the default username / password for the Huawei Echolife BM626 is “user” “user” .

It also comes with Wifi turned on in secure mode (it does not allow unencrypted wifi) the default wlan password  for the Huawei Echolife BM626 is “12345678”

Automatically Detect and Download all your PC drivers

During the last decade, I got the chance to try many driver repairing tools, some of them were free, some were not. I never liked any of them though, some couldn’t correctly detect the hardware that is unrecognized by windows, some provided dead driver download links, and some were loaded with spywares are scarewares.

When I was working on a friends Acer laptop, trying to find almost all of it’s drivers that Windows curiously was unable to recognize any of them. Even the manufacturer was not quite sure what the hell  they put in this model.

That is when I tried a software called Device doctor, I kinda liked it for the following reasons.

1. Free

2. Was able to detect all the needed drivers.

3. Was able to provide driver updates for the installed drivers.

4. All drivers were hosted at the device doctor website.

5. No registration required !

6. There is even a portable version of the software, to be used without installing from a flash drive, if you were geeky enough for that.

I still haven’t got the chance to really check it’s capabilities, but so far, it’s looking good.

You can download Device Doctor here

Also you can get the Portable Device Doctor here

Patriot Memory Flash Disk repair tool


This tool allows you to repair your Patriot Memory flash disk if you are unable to format it with any other method because it appears as Read-only.

This method performs a low-level format to the disk and remove the Read-only attribute.

This tool is not available from the patriot memory website, only the support guys can directly email it to you.

Here is a copy of the email a friend got from the support team on how to use this tool.

Dear Valued Customer,

Attached I have included a software that will low level format and re-initialize the device. Please keep in mind using this software will delete all the data on the drive and restore the drive to its original manufacturer stage.

Please make sure to detach all other flash drives and only have the Patriot Memory drive plugged in to your computer when using the utility.

The file name is been set to Patriot.vin. Once you download the file, rename to Patriot.zip and use the software. Please be aware that this process can only be completed one time!

Patriot Memory Technical Support Team

I have successfully used this tool to repair a patrioit 8GB Xporter. the downside is that according to the support team this tool can only be used once for every flash disk for some reason.

Here is the download link. Patriot Memory
please report about the results of using this tool

Good luck

Activating the sound front panel on Asrock motherboards

sometimes, after installing a new asrock motherboard, you will notice that the front panel is not working (either the MIC or the headset jacks). this problem is caused by the board failing to detect that your computer case does have a front panel and that it is connected.

To get around this problem and use your front panel, go to the BIOS settings and find the front panel detection setting and change it from auto to enabled. this will make the front panel jacks appear in your realtek audio manager.

This problem has been detected by Asrock and they released new BIOS versions that change the default setting to enabled instead of auto.

I used to love asrock, but not anymore, what about you? do you like the newer asrock MBs?

BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle driver for windows Vista 32 and x64 bits


BCM2045A USB Bluetooth adapter is a cheap Chinese usb bluethooth adapter, it works very well under windows XP but under windows Vista, there is no way you can install it’s driver because it is not digitally signed and there is no version on the internet that is.

To use this BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle on windows Vista follow these simple steps:

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HP 656c Driver for windows Vista 32 and 64

HP 656cHP 656cThe HP 656c is a very old hp printer. I got it around the year 2001, recently I needed to download a driver for it to work on windows Vista x64 and not surprisingly there was not.

The trick to use your HP 656c on windows Vista 32 or x64 is easy.

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