Update HTC Vivid to ICS 4.0.3 safely in just a few minutes

I just received my HTC vivid from Amazon. The phone is looking great, 4″ display, dual core 1.2Ghz cpu, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and support for 2G 3G and 4G networks!

Htc Vivid comes with Android 2.3.4  Gingerbread, which is pretty nice, but you know what is better? HTC Vivid was one of the first phones of its series to receive the official Android ICS, which comes bundled with the latest version of HTC sense.

One of the first things that I’ve done once I got the phone was to look for how to update it ICS, I read many many pages talking about rooting, bootloader stats, and some very long and complicated update guides. the good news is: you dont really need that! if you just got the phone (not previously used) and have never unlocked its bootloader and messed with its ROM, then updating to ICS can be as easy as this:

1. wake sure you have a working Wifi.

2. go to dialer and dial *#*#682#*#* wait for a few seconds, and a prompt will tell you that an update is being downloaded. wait for it to finish, then click update now when prompted to. the screen can go off during download, dont worry, just make sure you have more than 50 of the battery to continue.

3. Sit back, relax, watch some TV series, the update process will take more than 5 minutes. The screen will go off at times and come back on to the update prompt, dont worry, just focus on the TV series and dont touch nothing.

4. when the phone reboots, you’ll have a fully working ICS.

Now to some questions that I had before I updated my HTC vivid and to which I didn’t find an answer online:

Does HTC vivid ICS support arabic texts? Yes, while 2.3.4 has broken letters, ICS displays arabic perfectly. just get any free arabic keyboard and you’re good to go. The menues language however is latin only.

I have an unlocked sim HTC vivid will it get locked if I update to ICS? No it won’t, if your phone is unlocked out of the box then you’re good to go.

 Can I OTA my HTC vivid while being outside of the US? yes you can, just follow the steps, and it work fine htc vivid ics


Upgrade Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3g to IOS 4.2.1

Yesterday night I finally got my mind set to upgrade my iphone 3g to ios version 4.2.1. They say its a lot faster than 4.0.1 which I was using.

I know there are many guides out there, I tried following them, but I ran into a lot of trouble, no guide (that I found) was complete, So I decided to make my own.

Before you start, please back up your iphone by right clicking it and selecting backup from the left side menu in iTunes. Also please know that this process is Dangerous. and can lead to loss of data, and – or damage to your iphone. Do this at your own risk .

1. Download the following files:

– the original IOS 4.2.1 http://www.filefactory.com/file/cd51494/n/iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw

– Sn0wBreeze 2.2.1 http://www.filefactory.com/file/cd51574/n/sn0wbreeze-v2.2.1.zip

-iREB r4 http://www.filefactory.com/file/cefa17a/n/iREB-r4_2.zip

– Itunes (10 or higher) if you dont already have it

Make sure you have internet Wifi if you will be unlocking

Before we start I will give you an Idea about what we are going to Do.

I assume that you are running IOS 4.1 or lower, and that you have never upgraded your phone to 4.2.1. If this is the case, you are likely to still have the old baseband, which is a good thing, because it can be unlocked easily. in this guide we will preserve your baseband and only upgrade the rest of the IOS (SOME OTHER GUIDES ASK YOU TO UPGRADE USING ITUNES TO 4.2.1 AND THEN JAILBREAK, DONT DO THAT) if you do that you will be upgrading your baseband to a new version, that is only unlockable by replacing it with the ipad baseband. What you need to understand is that this process in irreversible, and may prevent you from upgrading to newer IOSs in the future.

We will take the stock IOS, jailbreak it with with  snowbreeze, then get the phone in a special DFU mode using iREB, then use itunes to upload the modified IOS.

OK lets start.

1. Open snowbreeze and drag / drop the iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw over it. hit the blue arrow

2. select “Simple” (don’t worry it will also preserve your baseband similar to the first option but it will also jailbreak the ios).

3.  IF your will unlock your phone, select yes on the next message.

4. let sn0wbreeze do it’s magic. Then (CHECK THE SIZE OF THE GENERATED IPSW file) in my case snowbreeze made a mistake generating the file, it was around 30mb in size. Itunes will try to flash the corrupted IOS wich can lead to problems. MAKE SURE THE IOS IS LARGER THAN 300 MB

5. Snowbreeze will now help you get your phone into DFU mode, a state required to be able to flash a custom IPSW using itunes. Follow the instructions on screen.

If the program gets stuck during the process, don’t panic, it’s probably because of windows update trying to find a driver for the DFU mode iphone online, make sure to prevent windows from looking up drivers online.

IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO SHUTDOWN  your phone because the software got stuck, do it by holding the home and power buttons together until the phone is off (around 10 secs)

If you got it right, your screen will turn GREEN open itunes, it will ask you to restore your iphone, HOLD SHIFT and click the restore button. browse and find the snowbreeze IPSW let itunes flash it.

In my case this didnt work, I got error 21 , cannot restore your iphone. well this is because I’m as lucky as Kenny from southpark, if you are too. dont panic. close itunes, shut down your phone by holding home and power and open iREB.

Select iphone 3g and follow the instructions to set your phone in an alternative DFU mode, in this one the screen is black, not green. once done open itunes and shift-restore the snowbreeze ipsw,you may have to try a couple of times if you get error 1600 you can try to close/open itunes, or unplug-plug your phone while itunes is open.

that’s about it, your phone should now be restored to 4.2.1, once done, go to Cydia (which is already there) and perform a complete update (you will have to be on Wifi to do this) . once done, lookup ultrasn0w in cydia and install it, after the install is complete it will ask you to reboot. Do so.

Now you should have a working jailbroken unlocked iphone 3g on 4.2.1,

you may restore your itunes backup now. Note: if you have installous apps in your back up, you will have to install installous from cydia before restoring the backup. otherwise it will fail

The Top 10 must have applications for windows mobile phones PPC

I have been using microsoft windows mobile pocketPCs for about 2 years now, in those years I tried lots and lots of applications, free and paid. Here is a list of my top 10 must have freeware application.

1. OpenMarket ( Omarket) .

Whether you had the microsoft marketplace app on your phone or not, the Open market is a great way to download and install lots of freeware. As a matter of fact most of the apps below can be downloaded from it. You can get it here http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-opnmarket.html

2. Pocket total commander.

I love windows mobile because I still can use my windows reflexes and tricks on it. but the regular file explorer does not offer much flexibility, like changing a file extension. Total commander will allow you full control over your file system, network shares access, and more importantly, integrated registry editor. you can get this app here http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-total-commander-v2-0.html


Waze is a freeware turn-by-turn GPS navigator, with realtime traffic info and 100% user generated data. furthermore, it’s a growing community of drivers all around the world, driving while having fun collecting road items and playing geo-games. you must check it out here http://www.waze.com


TCPMP is THE media player for windows mobile, you can play and almost any audio or video in the world, locally, over the internet, or over LAN. a prettier version of this app is available for a small fee (coreplayer) . you can get TCPMP here http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-tcpmp-v0-72rc1.html


This is the real deal of Pocket PC browsers, you can access virtually any website, as if you were on a real PC, Video & audio streaming, Java based websites, flash support, you name it, they have it. if you are planning to do some browsing on your PPC, forget about the internet explorer, and get Skyfire here http://skyfire.com

6. Google Maps.

Even without providing turn-by-turn navigation, Google maps for pocket PC is still a great app to check where you are, who of your friends is around, and what is the buzz around. http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-google-maps-mobile-v1-2-0-13.html

7.  Miasto Muzyki

If you love internet radio, this app is for you, many channels, genres for every taste, playlist broadcasting, now playing view with cd covers, plays while to screen is off, and an integrated player to save you from the mercy of Media player. check it here  http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-miasto-muzyki-internet-radio.html

8. The Facebook app.

If it is not already in your phone, you should probably get this app. provides you with full accesss to your face book account, while minimizing the data consumption compared to what you get if you simply browsed to the website. http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-facebook-app.html

9. Nimbuzz

This app will keep you in touch with all your social network friends, yahoo, gmail, facebook, msn, you name it. Also allows you to ping (buzz) your friends free of charges to get them to turn the app on and have an internet call or chat. can also be used to share your current location with your friends. Get it here http://nimbuzz.com

10. Bing

Last and probably least, Bing, if you had one of these new fancy PPCs with wide HD screen (envy >:(  ) you may want  to check this one out, allows you access to all bing services. here

Did I leave out your favorite app?  please write about it here

iphone not recognized by itunes but as a camera: Solution

I don’t really know the origin of this bug. But for some reason an iphone 2G 8G has stopped getting recognized by itunes for no reason. It only shows on My Computer as a Digital camera.

The solution is rather simple, but it does not clarify why it happened. But it is probably a bug in itunes.

To fix this, go to the device manager in your computer (right click my computer, manage , device manager). Look for the iphone under the USB devices tab. (the iphone should be connected while you do this. Delete the iphone’s driver ( click yes on the wanrning message).

Now hit check for new devices on the top bar in the device manager. The iphone’s driver will install again, and itunes should recognize it now.

If it is of any significance, this bug was noted on the latest version of itunes on windows 7 64bit

Do you have any idea why did this happened? this this work for you? please comment

Browse youtube.com on your windows mobile phone

logoUnlike other methods to view youtube videos on your windows mobile phone, this method does not involve a video player, nor a downloader. This is a browser that is able to display flash player 7,8, and 9 contents on any website including youtube.

With this browser you can really browse youtube, login, leave comments, vote, as if you were on a real computer.

Other than youtube, this browser is capable of displaying any flash or java based website, including chat, online gaming, etc.

This browser is called Skyfire and it is completely free!

the touch screen version offers a very smart controllability, double click to zoom, hold to right click, and drag to scroll. it kinda reminds me of the iphone.

The downside of this browser is a relatively slow rendering compared to Opera (it will take some seconds before the page is correctly rendered after a zoom). video playback is relatively slow,  it can’t do tab browsing and there is not much options to configure.

There is also a version for symbian phones but I didn’t test it

Find the location of any mobile phone on a map !

Using this method you can find where any phone number is located within 5000 meter radius (max). The final outcome is a google map with the phone’s location. You can use this to find out many things that will only bring you trouble (Your kid isn’t at school, Your husband isn’t at work, your girlfriend isn’t at her grandmother’s )etc…

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Secret code to show the true calls timer for sony ericsson and nokia.

Here is the secret code to show the total calls timer (incoming and outgoing) for any sony ericsson or nokia phone. This timer cannot be reset and it is useful when you buy a used (or new!) cellphone.

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Free calls from cell phone to cell phone

Recently, many mobile applications where developed to enable VOIP call between cell phones,
Currently Only Symbian OS mobile phones and iPhone support voice calls,  other java enabled phones still can IM, send voice messages and pictures for free!

One of the many applications in this domain is Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz has 2 versions one for java enabled phones and one for symbian OS phones.

Both versions support IM between Nimbuzz phones, IM with Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others, Sending Voice messages and directly from camera pictures. Also nimbuzz can Buzz a friend that is not currently running the software telling him that someone is waiting for him on nimbuzz, Also you can start international calls with the price of local calls if Nimbuzz had a server in your country.

The symbina version of nimbuzz adds the possibility to start and internet VOIP calls for free (only internet download fees apply)

Also nimbuzz can be useful to backup your phone contacts on the application server, and then restore them on another phone!.

You can check out the Nimbuzz website here