TagGator Pro WordPress auto tagging plugin

I started developing TagGator back in 2009, initially I wrote it for personal use as I could not find a plugin to do the job. a little later I cleaned up a copy and submitted it to wordpress.org, it was approved and it got some very nice comments and feedback from the users. Now, alomst 3 years later, I started writing TagGator Pro.

TagGator Pro is an auto tagging plugin. it scans your posts for some keywords, and then tags these posts based on the result.

TagGator Pro


Other than what the free version offers, TagGator gives you the following features:

  •  Automatic tagging for new posts.
  • Scanning for multiple keywords per tag. (finding any of a set of keywords results in applying one tag).
  • Scanning Post titles for tags.
  • Works great with Feed aggregators and auto blogging solutions.


TagGator Pro is now available through CodeCanyon for only 12 USD. Get TagGator Pro now and never manually tag a post again!

TagGator wordpress auto tagging plugin

Microsoft’s Vision of the Future

Microsoft has released a new video describing its vision of our digital life 5 years from now. The video features multiple aspects of how we will communicate, interact and share in every day’s life.

According to this video, Touch based application, 3D graphics, and real time collaboration will be the future of computing. Most of the technologies shown in this video are based on real technologies already available today.

So sit back, relax and enjoy, a sneak-peak from your future.




Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 – Launch Trailer released

The long awaited MW3 is alomst here, A new teaser was released yesterday proving that it might actually be the best Call of Duty ever. The game will be released on Nov 8th and it is already available for pre-order from Amazon for Xbox360, PS3, And PC

Pre-order from Amazon.com now to ensure release date delivery! click the version you want below.

WM3 PS3 preorderMW3 XBOX360 preorder

Download Portal 2 ending theme

Portal 2, was probably the best game I played this year, and boy did I play a lot of games this year! It’s really funny, innovative, and addictive. But you know whats better that? the music!

Portal 2 music and sounds in general are wonderful, from GlaDOS and its auto-tuned sarcasm, to the degenerated core with the British Stewy accent. The portal 2 ending theme of the game is one of the best ending themes ever. Both the Turrets orchestra and GalaDOS’s song “I just want you gone” are amazing.

I was looking around to see if Portal 2 Soundtrack was available, and I found that it is, For free including the Portal 2 ending theme!

You can download it by going here



So whats your favorite Portal 2 voice

download Portal 2 ending theme image

speed up RAGE on ATI graphics cards

I finally got to trying the long awaited game RAGE, after installing the 3DVDs game and playing it for a few minutes, I found that the performance was very slow. Textures took a long time to render, and the overall FPS was very low (around 20 I would assume). This should not be the case with my Core i7, 6GB DDR3, and ATI 4890HD.


The game doesn’t come with much graphics options to play with, just a resolution, and anti aliasing control. Which did not give much of an improvement with I tried them. The ATI catalyst option also had low effect on the poor performance.

Luckily for us AMD was aware of the situation and they have released a special driver to give you a good performance boost specially for Rage.

You can find the AMD Catalyst™ – Rage Performance Driver  here

This will work with your ATI VGA from the HD 4000 5000 and 6000 families.

Rage ATI game Picture

Portal 2 crashes to desktop – Fix it

Portal 2 Picture
Portal 2


This Bug causes Portal 2 to just disappear and return to the desktop. This bug is now fixed, all you need to do is to upgrade your game. Google Portal 2 update. and download the First update and install it Your Game should work fine now.

There is also a series of other updates (update 2,3,4,5) you may get these as well to upgrade to the latest version, but for me just the first fix stopped the game from crashing to desktop.


DEAD ISLAND. A new place to kill zombies!


There have been a lot of games lately where the main task is to kick zombie ass. Many of them were successful, and here I count Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. The first came with the fun of playing co-op, where the second gains its fame from it DIY weapons. Now take the two, mix them and you will get Dead Island.

To keep this Objective, I’m going to put what I like and don’t like about this games into Points.


Well First, I like:

  1. Huge maps.

    You start the game at an island, a touristic resort of some sort, and man was it big. Crossing it from end to end on foot will take you some time. I would still say it was big if it was all, but I was surprised to find out that the second act takes places in the City, which quite bigger than the resort!

  1. Lots and lots of side quests.

    Almost you meet will ask you to do something, you can say yes or no, but why not? There is no limit to the number of missions you can take. And no one will go like, bring me 5 zombie heads or something. It’s always something that comes with an acceptable story, no pity errands for anyone.


  1. The RPG aspect.

    The Leveling up system is great. You earn EXP then you get to spend on a tree of upgrades. RPGs just the way I love them! On top of that, the upgrades differ for each of the four playable characters.


  1. Nice graphics.

    Not the best out there, but decent enough for you to enjoy spending hours ripping zombies.

  1. Unlimited storage for weapon parts.

    You can pick everything you find. Even from trash cans. Don’t leave nothing behind cause it might end up being the only missing part of some holy zombie grinder!



Now, to what I don’t like so much.

  1. The Action.

    So far I haven’t been able to fully emerge with the action. Your actions are frequently interrupted. you can’t evade or block. Only the old Karate “Mai Geri” kick can save you from a running zombie. And so far the combos kinda suck.

  2. The equipment system.

    You can have a bunch of weapons equipped at a time. You need to pause the game. Go into the equip menu, select the four or five things you need and then play. But what sucks is that if you pick up a new weapon, it will unequip the one you are currently holding, and you will have to go back to the menu to select again.

  3. Driving.

    It is cool they threw some cars in the mix, but the car control s are way too unreal, and the physics of the car are just poor.


If nothing, this game has set the bar way up for the next Left4dead.


So what do you think: Dead Island, Dead Rising 2, or Left4Dead is the best Zombie game ever.