who the hell is acai-health-diet.com ?

I keep on getting incoming traffic from this www.acai-health-diet.com. it is some website related to diets. the best thing is that when I go there, they have no links to my blog and are not using any traffic exchange program.

Also I also found that they are referring some people to my referral account on on webhostingpad.com

This is just weird

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Learn AJAX in 5 mins

First I want to give credits to the author of the tutorial Learn AJAX in 20 mins that I improved  to be less complicated and noob friendly 🙂

AJAX stands for (as if you would remember it) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. and it is used to send and receive data from the server without having to refresh the entire page.

I assume you have a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP.

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Google AdSense starts interest-based advertising

On March 13, 2009 Google sent an Email to all Adsense subscribers informing them of its new Ad Targeting method interest-based advertising, and asking website owners to modify their privacy policy to allow google to record visitor’s interests and use them to display advertisements accordingly.

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Windows Vista Explorer keyboard hotkeys

A few new keyboard tricks has been implemented in windows Vista, and some more were modified compared to their XP equivalents. for example:

open a folder containing pictures, videos, or just any files. hold Ctrl and roll the mouse wheel. This will change the thumbnails size.

hold Alt while going forward or backward from any folder. This will hide the file-names from appearing. this is perfect for folders containing Photos.

If you have vista Aero. try winkey-tab. this will start switch between active windows in 3D style.

You can always try other keyboard shortcuts from windows XP because most of them still work.
One more thing if you use the “Windows Task Manager” a lot, you can directly activate it by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc without having to jump through the logon window.