FFXIV Recipes

Just enter enter the inventory you have in the box, then hit go, it will discover every recipe than can be made, whether it is a blacksmith’s, an Alchemist’s, a Goldsmith’s, an Armorer’s, a Leatherworker’s, a Carpenter’s, a Weaver’s, or a Culinarian’s recipe.

This is an Alfa, it took me around 20 hours to finish (I’m a little rusty)  soon, I’ll add the possibility to submit your own recipe, and to discuss the current ones. But meanwhile, please submit everything  in our new forums, it’s a little quite there, but I believe that it will very soon be a very nice community.

update: We are now almost bug free and running on almost 800 recipes!!

If you can’t figure out how to use this recipe generator, please check the step by step guide here


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