Prank software showing random jokes about your Boss!

The Idea is simple, you start the software, adjust its settings (Boss name,joke frequency) for example your Boss’s name is Mr. Bill ,then the software hides and shows up from time to time with a message.. A message like this:

“If you spell Mr. Bill in scrabble you win. Forever”
“Mr. Bill can divide by zero”

This software is ideally planted in a college’s computer, your own work computer, or your boss’s (if you have the nerve to do so). but it can also be used inside the family (big brother, Father) and the jokes will be specially funny if the boss is a strong aggressive man.
The Software’s name is BossJoker and it can be downloaded here Bossjoker

Bossjoker is a freeware but you can always donate any amount you like and increase the number of jokes from 250 to 725 !!

The software is cool and it’s worth a try.