2nd Friday the 13th in a row

Some of you probably noticed that today is the second friday the 13th in a row. Is this just a coincidence? Is it the first time ever? Is this a bad sign?

Angrybyte is here to give you all the answers.

To understand Friday the 13 better, I programmed a software capable to count Friday 13th occurrences for any period. And of course, determine how many times it happened twice in a row, and will it ever happen 3 times in a row.

The results were amazing, and are summarized in the following facts.

-Friday the 13th must happen every year at least once.

-Friday the 13th never occurred more than 3 times in any year.

-Friday the 13th can only happen twice in a row between February and March.

-It never happened 3 times in a row.

-Last time it happened twice in a row was in 1998.

– the next time it will happen twice in a row is 2015.

– We will have another Friday 13th this year on November.

The software is available for download for free from here


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