AlterIWnet is down who will be the alternative?


After almost 3 years of existence, AlterIW; a modding community for Call of duty Modern warfare, and Blackops, has finally been forced into termination by Activision, the creator of the call of duty franchise.

Call Of duty Modern warfare, changed the nature of its predecessors, no console access,  and worst of all, no dedicated servers. Everything must go through the Steam client, a change that was faced by outrage from the COD fans, making many of them trying to start a boycott movement for the new game.

The game ended up a success, but it gave birth to, a community dedicated to to offer an alternative gaming experience for the game, allowing dedicated servers, mods, and a better cheat prevention system. the community grew fast until it hit 1 million players.

The same community and developers also made another project “AlterOps” a project by which, similar functionality was added to the newer Call Of Duty: BlackOps, the project was still in beta when the AlterIW community was shutdown.

Many rumors are told about why did activision decide to go after AlterIW, some say that its because of some talks that an AlterIW was being considered for Modern warfare 3, the latest sequel of the franchise. Others think that the AlterOps project interfered with the yet to be announced  COD BlackOps 2 .

Some new communities are now trying to pickup where AlterIWnet left off. one of them(They asked not to be mentioned here) looks very promising. they already have a working WM2 server and are working to release their own version of AlterOps. This Romanian based community is most likely to stay clear of WM3, a wise choice that may prevent it from sharing a similar faith as its precedent.

R.I.P AlterIW, it was a good run.AlterIWnet

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