DEAD ISLAND. A new place to kill zombies!



There have been a lot of games lately where the main task is to kick zombie ass. Many of them were successful, and here I count Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. The first came with the fun of playing co-op, where the second gains its fame from it DIY weapons. Now take the two, mix them and you will get Dead Island.

To keep this Objective, I’m going to put what I like and don’t like about this games into Points.


Well First, I like:

  1. Huge maps.

    You start the game at an island, a touristic resort of some sort, and man was it big. Crossing it from end to end on foot will take you some time. I would still say it was big if it was all, but I was surprised to find out that the second act takes places in the City, which quite bigger than the resort!

  1. Lots and lots of side quests.

    Almost you meet will ask you to do something, you can say yes or no, but why not? There is no limit to the number of missions you can take. And no one will go like, bring me 5 zombie heads or something. It’s always something that comes with an acceptable story, no pity errands for anyone.


  1. The RPG aspect.

    The Leveling up system is great. You earn EXP then you get to spend on a tree of upgrades. RPGs just the way I love them! On top of that, the upgrades differ for each of the four playable characters.


  1. Nice graphics.

    Not the best out there, but decent enough for you to enjoy spending hours ripping zombies.

  1. Unlimited storage for weapon parts.

    You can pick everything you find. Even from trash cans. Don’t leave nothing behind cause it might end up being the only missing part of some holy zombie grinder!



Now, to what I don’t like so much.

  1. The Action.

    So far I haven’t been able to fully emerge with the action. Your actions are frequently interrupted. you can’t evade or block. Only the old Karate “Mai Geri” kick can save you from a running zombie. And so far the combos kinda suck.

  2. The equipment system.

    You can have a bunch of weapons equipped at a time. You need to pause the game. Go into the equip menu, select the four or five things you need and then play. But what sucks is that if you pick up a new weapon, it will unequip the one you are currently holding, and you will have to go back to the menu to select again.

  3. Driving.

    It is cool they threw some cars in the mix, but the car control s are way too unreal, and the physics of the car are just poor.


If nothing, this game has set the bar way up for the next Left4dead.


So what do you think: Dead Island, Dead Rising 2, or Left4Dead is the best Zombie game ever.

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