Download Portal 2 ending theme

download Portal 2 ending theme image

Portal 2, was probably the best game I played this year, and boy did I play a lot of games this year! It’s really funny, innovative, and addictive. But you know whats better that? the music!

Portal 2 music and sounds in general are wonderful, from GlaDOS and its auto-tuned sarcasm, to the degenerated core with the British Stewy accent. The portal 2 ending theme of the game is one of the best ending themes ever. Both the Turrets orchestra and GalaDOS’s song “I just want you gone” are amazing.

I was looking around to see if Portal 2 Soundtrack was available, and I found that it is, For free including the Portal 2 ending theme!

You can download it by going here


So whats your favorite Portal 2 voice

download Portal 2 ending theme image

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