FFXIV Macros

This is a list of macros to exchange between all classes with rank 1 basic equipments.

For those how don’t know what a macro is, it is a script you can write to automatically perform repetetive actions, such as, changing weapons, and actions when you want to move from one class to another.

I’m a Thaumaturge, so the first one is a little long.

/equip main “Weathered Cane”

/eaction 2 “Cure” main
/eaction 3 “Aero” main

/eaction 4 “Stone” main
/eaction 9 “Tranquility” main
/equip main “Weathered Cross-pein Hammer”
/equip sub “Bronze File”
/equip main “Weathered Chaser Hammer”
/equip sub “Mudstone Grinding Wheel”
/equip main “Weathered Pickaxe”
/equip sub “Bronze Sledgehammer”


/equip main “Weathered Hatchet”
/equip sub “Bronze Scythe”
/eaction 2 “Arbur Call II”
/eaction 3 “Triangulate”
/eaction 4 “Arbur Call I”


/equip main “Weathered Head Knife”
/equip sub “Bronze Awl”

/equip main “Weathered Alembic”
/equip sub “Bronze Mortar”

/equip main “Weathered Skillet”

/equip sub “Bronze Culinary Knife”

Few are still missing, I’m counting on you to finish the list.

You can just copy / past into the game.

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