Final Fantasy III for iOS, 5 reasons to love it.


I’m not a fan of 3D games of the iPhone, they’re slow, ugly, and not fun to control with the touchscreen, but when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m always willing to make an exception, so I tried it, and I loved it. Final Fantasy III was a brilliant remake of the game that shaped today’s RPGs in 3D.

Final Fantasy III logo

So here are 5 reasons why you will love Final Fantasy 3

1. All the fun of a console Final Fantasy.

Except for the visual effects, Final fantasy III on the iOS will give you an experience identical to the one you loved on your game console, the story is there, the characters are all unique, leveling, humour. Everything that you would expect from an RPG. Final fantasy fans will not be dissapointed.

2. Speed and FPS.

One of the top reasons why I hate 3D games on my iphone 3G is the speed. 3D games usually get laggy, but not Final fantasy III. the game runs smoothly most of the time. even though the graphics in it are may be the best I ever tried on the iPhone.

3. easy controls with the touch screen.

Just swipe your finger any where on the screen to move the character, tap it to select, or pinch to zoom.

4.A full length Final fantasy experience.

Get ready for hours of battles, conversations, and menu navigation. FFIII is no mini game.


5. Switch jobs anytime.

Most console final fantasy games doesn’t offer this. Any character can become a warrior, a while, black or red mage, or even a thief, every job comes with a different look for every character.

So whether you’re a fanboy or not, Final Fantasy III for the iOS is a great game,