MapleStory Error code =-40 solution

I wanted to try the MMORPG MapleStory, I downloaded the client using the direct download link (not the downloader), when I tried to install the game later I got

installation failed.(11433,0)

I googled around a bit to find that this is caused by a corrupt installation file. What we are doing here today, is to fix the installation without having to re download the entire client.

1. download Flashget (just google it) then install it

2.  From the Import list under file, choose “import corrupted download” find the client installation of the game.

3. Let flashget think about it for a while, then it will ask you for the download URL, go back to the game website and get the link, in my case it was

4. after thinking about it for a while Flashget will decide how much of the game is missing and needs to be redownloaded. Start the download and let it finish.

5. Install the game and have fun!

This method can be used to repair in corrupted direct download file not Just the MapleStory client discussed here

What is your favorite MMORPG?

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