Mass Effect 2, 7 reasons why I love it

Unlike Dragon age: origin, that I really hated and reviewed here,I’m really loving one,although it is made by the same developer BioWare. 7 reasons why I love this game are as follows

1. High details models. the characters, ships, and weapons are of a very high graphical quality. everything is rendered with high quality textures, check our the picture below for Miranda, a girl from the game.

2. A huge world to discover. Many cities to visit, Many galaxies to fly to, each of which is very distinctive. It’s true that the map is not open, there is no real connected world, but this is not GTA you should not be expecting that. take a look at the picture below from the “after life” a bar in the Omega city (or planet I don’t really know ) .

3. Great conversations, most of the time you can choose alomst any conversation option, it is very rare to see a conversation option that is unreasonably very rude . each option you make will somehow affect the rest of the conversation, the mission, or the game. No matter how you chose to play you will always end up wanting to see what would happen if you choose differently.

4. You actually have a Voice!!, unlike dragon age origin, the developer here went all the way to record every conversation voice with all options for male and female characters!!  we would still be happy if some conversations were text only, but thanks anyway!!

5.Your actions will define exactly how you will evolve, you can choose between Renegade and Paragon actions, even the scares on your face will heal faster if you only do nice actions.

6.The action game play is not the best out there, but it’s still pretty decent for a role playing game, the shooting action, not very great, but you can pull some spectacular powers to make up for that.

7. The storyline is solid, it stays interesting for all the way, it’s true that it very rarely get funny, but you will stay interested to know what will happen next.

Anything I forgot? don’t you agree with me? put your comments below 🙂

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