Prince of Persia dumber than ever


Well, I got POP the long waited prince of persia, the name is just like that, no three thorns or what ever.

Just hearing the name you assume that you will play the best prince of persia ever, but the reality is somthing else.

Well, the cartoon style 3d is good for dragon ball, but not for a prince of Persia but you can swallow it with some pepsi. But the moment when rocks start falling on the princes head, and donkeys start to get lost in the dessert you will start to feel that something is wrong and you want to throw up.

The worse is the prince’s personality, it went from the spoiled child in the “sand of time” to the dark warrior in “the two thorns” and “warrior within” to the dumb Bush personality in this final release.
Well, the combat and movement system is much easier than usual, as if it was designed for kids. they can brand it “press less to do more” which is not appreciated for a game with an adult fan base. complex control is there to separate the men from the boys you know.
To be honest I just tried the game but may be it’ll get a little more interesting in the end. Who knows.

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