Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands, Stuck behind a closed door?

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands along with many other UBISOFT games are now using a new DRM protection, the idea behind it very smart, instead of just protecting the game by DVD checks, hardware codes, and encryptions, each of which became just a pass-time for hardcore crackers like SKIDROW, RELOADED, or ViTALiTY. Now the protection method is to hide some small parts of the game inside a server, which checks the validity of your game before allowing these portions of the game to execute. this is the secret behind the new notice on the games “This game requires a permanent internet connection to play”

In the case of prince of Persia , the aspects of the game that are controlled by this server are :

– Levers logic
– Door timing
– Upgrades
– Abilities
– XP & Levels
– Area codes

so in case your connection to the server fails any of these may become problematic or behave unexpectedly.

So if you are stuck behind a closed door, you may want to check your internet connection, that is of course if you are not using the early cracked version by SKIDROW that has reported this bug and that was fixed in their later released crack fix.

Needless to say, as the gamers are furious against this new type of protection many of them started attacking the game servers with thousand of denial of service attacks, in the goal to make games unplayable even for rightful owners, and by that forcing the companies to refrain from using this protection method ever again.

Are you with or against this new DRM?

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