RockSmith RealTone cable on PC without the Game

The Rocksmith Realtone cable is a USB cable used to connect your electric guitar to your computer in order to play the Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 games. The game itself is great and lots of fun. However it would be great if you could also use the RealTone cable to play the guitar without an amplifier and directly on PC, and that’s what we’re going to do today.


To use the Rocksmith USB cable as an input to your computer, first, make Rocksmith USB cablesure that it is well configured and visible as a recording device.


The next step is to obtain a virtual amplifier software, I use virtuAMP, which is free and has many cool effects with a good response time. You can download it here.

After you install virtuAMP go ahead and change the driver under the sound menu to “Windows Multimedia” also change the buffer FPS to 30, these settings gave me the optimal performance and speed.


From the File menu, pick, new and select “Everything” so that all effects are added to the screen.

PC amplifier


Rock on!