Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

I’m an old fan of the Silent Hill series, I played the first silent Hill on PSX a long time ago, loved it, it was one of my favorite PSX horror games.

Enough with the old 1999 game; let’s talk about the new 2008-2009 title Homecoming which I’m playing on PC.


Warning: Possible spoilers beyond this point.

The game starts in what seems to be a haunted hospital with no information about why are you in a hospital, a good mysterious start!

A little later you will get to meet Josh, with no information about why the hell you should care for this josh, you will find yourself sticking your hand in bloody holes in the wall just to bring him his blood strained rabbit doll.

As in any other silent hill, little josh likes to run towards the darkness in misty nights and with nothing else to do you decide you should go after him.

The whole hospital thingy soon turns out to be a dream, but the hilarious thing is that when you wake up you will find it verrry normal that the knife you found in your dream is still in your hand, and you find it pretty normal to run down the streets of your home town with a dream knife in your hand.

Later on Alex (You) get to meet his mother, but our Alex here is mean enough to repay his mother’s cold welcome by letting her just sit down in a home where the basement is filled with mouth-faced swimming monsters without saying a word about it.

The game’s graphics are pretty good. The suspense is there, the game play is good as long as you use your keyboard and mouse for the control. My controller was mapped wrong and I was unable to configure it correctly. Anyway the story seems weak to me so far, a lot of details were left out which can kill a game of this genre. Also loadings are very frequent and they sometimes kill the action.

Finally overall the game is playable if you were a fan of the game or the genre at least.


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