speed up RAGE on ATI graphics cards

Rage ATI game Picture

I finally got to trying the long awaited game RAGE, after installing the 3DVDs game and playing it for a few minutes, I found that the performance was very slow. Textures took a long time to render, and the overall FPS was very low (around 20 I would assume). This should not be the case with my Core i7, 6GB DDR3, and ATI 4890HD.


The game doesn’t come with much graphics options to play with, just a resolution, and anti aliasing control. Which did not give much of an improvement with I tried them. The ATI catalyst option also had low effect on the poor performance.

Luckily for us AMD was aware of the situation and they have released a special driver to give you a good performance boost specially for Rage.

You can find the AMD Catalyst™ – Rage Performance Driver  here

This will work with your ATI VGA from the HD 4000 5000 and 6000 families.

Rage ATI game Picture

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