AMI BIOS Recovery

Did your BIOS upgrade went wrong? A computer with a corrupted bios is a dead computer, the best  it can do is to sound some alarm through the internal case speaker, the board can’t actually work with screen to write what’s going on.

There is some Black magic you can use to revive your computer, in fact when the bios is corrupted it does not only sound the alarm but also it check’s the floppy drive (who said floppies are extinct devices?) it is in fact looking for some files in the floppy to recover, and here we will learn how to make them.

first get  one or more floppies (you never know when will a floppy let you down) and find a working PC with a floppy drive.

Visit your motherboard manufacturer website and download the latest BIOS (if trying to flash the bios with the latest BIOS  corrupted it, maybe you should download  an older BIOS).

Now rename the downloaded file somewversion.ROM to AMIBIOS.ROM and copy it to the floppy.

insert the floppy to the dead computer and start it (if the floppy drive is not lit try to press and hold CTRL-HOME Or INS depending on your motherboard).

It the computer starts reading the floppy it is a good sign, just let it be.

When the reading is done the computer notifies you with beeps (or else) just remove the floppy and restart if everything went well your computer should boot and say the CMOS setting are wronge, just enter the BIOS setup and fool around a little (you don’t really have to do anything) just save when you exit.

If the above did not work,Sorry but your bios can’t be repaired try to replace it if possible, if not.. Get a new board man, may be this is for better.