Asrock Instant Boot review

asrock-instant-bootYou can see it the minute you enter asrock’s website : “Instant Boot: boot up to windows is 4 seconds“. Sounds good for me, but lets look some more into it. First you must use Windows XP or Vista , Have only one User, AND no passwords… hmmmm, I can live with that so lets continue reading.


Ok. Windows can resume from “Standby” in 2 seconds without and fancy Instant Boot software or hardware, so let’s see what Asrock have done to improve this. They say : “ASRock Instant Boot ensures clean OS. S3/S4 will slow down system, causing no response to the applications or system hang due to accumulated garbage data.” alright, interesting, so lets see how they do it.

I have an Asrock X58 Deluxe and it is supposed to be fully compatible with instant boot, and that what I’ll use for this test along with Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 with one user and no password, just like they love it.

After downloading and installing the Instant boot software, and selecting the Fast mode (the 4 seconds thing) . the software minimized to the tray and stayed there. Ok It’s showtime. Lets do a shutdown. the system did shutdown but right after that a blue screen with the instant boot logo showed up. Ok it seems to work. The computer then turned back on! ( I did a shutdown not a restart right?). Ok lets turn it off again. this time it did turn off normally. After turning the system back on. nothing happened, Just like usual.


I figured that the silly software can’t survive the brutal Vista permission laws. It automatically closes when I try to open it and it can’t run on startup.

The solution is to uninstall it and reinstall it to a secondary partition, or at least somewhere outside the Program files(86) folder.

Now the program seems to work fine. When I tried it the same thing happened a shutdown will cause a restart. but this time (installed outside the “Program files” folder ) after it turned back on it entered Standby (S3) mode.

This is the Ahhhhh moment: Instant boot is a software that will restart your system then kicks it into standby, creating a so called “fresh” operating system when you resume your system from stand by. And the reason why you should not have more than one user or a password is that the genius that created the software didn’t figure out how to kick the system into standby from the Welcome screen.

Ok. Now lets turn the computer on …… umm lets turn the computer on…… A black screen….. nothing

After a restart the system turned on as usual. It turned out that BIOS should be upgraded (it was never mentioned on the website). After upgrading the BIOS from ver 1.0 to 1.5 Instant boot worked finally ok.
Do you want to use Instant Boot on any motherboard and any system? Easy! don’t turn your computer off, restart it then send it to standby. next time it will turn on in 2 seconds!

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