BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle driver for windows Vista 32 and x64 bits


BCM2045A USB Bluetooth adapter is a cheap Chinese usb bluethooth adapter, it works very well under windows XP but under windows Vista, there is no way you can install it’s driver because it is not digitally signed and there is no version on the internet that is.

To use this BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle on windows Vista follow these simple steps:

1.  plug the device into your computer.

2. Cancel the automatic driver installation by windows.

3. open the device manager.

4  double click BCM2045A, then click “Reinstall driver”

5. Click “browse my computer for driver software”

6. Click  let me pick from a list of device bla bla bla

7. double click bluetooth radios

8. from the left list click “Broadcom” and choose ” BCM2033 bluetooth 2.4Ghz chip transiever” from the right list. click next


9. ignore the apocalypse warning by just clicking yes

10. let the driver take the time to install

11. enjoy

There is also another method to actually get the XP driver to work on vista. I did not test it but I assume it will work, I used that method to install the driver for the ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211)  on windows Vista. you can follow the same method here, please let me know the result if you did.

If you have any question just ask.

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