Before you buy a laptop

Can’t find the laptop for you?

Here is a list of things to consider before buying a laptop to avoid falling in the salesman traps.

First you must fix the amount of money you want to spend on your laptop. Not doing this may lead you to buy a laptop with features you will never use. A good price range is from 700$-1100$

Next forget about the webcam, bluetooth, fingerprint pad. These things are good if they come in a laptop you want but you don’t want to buy anything only because it have them.
Next: Know yourself, what will be the main use of your laptop? Business, Gaming, entertainment?.

Buy a business laptop:

  • RAM 2GB and up to support windows VISTA properly.
  • The processor is not so important, An AMD X2 will do just fine 2Ghz (dual core) is ok.
  • You don’t need a widescreen, what you need is a normal screen about 15-17 smaller screens will give you trouble when dealing with spreadsheets, and wide screens may cause problems is you deal with CAD applications.
  • You don’t need your Hard drive too big, around 160-250 is more than enough.
  • Any Video controller will do just fine.


Buy an Entertainment laptop:

An entertainment laptop is a laptop you will use for music, movies, Internet, photos etc.

  • You need a large wide screen HD 17″ or more.
  • You should have a good processor to make video and audio conversions faster, consider Intel Core2duo or a high speed AMD X2 9 (cheaper)
  • You don’t really need RAM but 2GB you do good work if you have windows Vista.
  • May be you should consider a blue-ray drive?
  • Any Video controller will do just fine, but it is better if you have one with HD support.
  • Get a large Hard drive 250GB and up


Buy a Gaming Laptop.

If your main objective is to play games, get a desktop dude!.

If you want a laptop anyway, here is a good check list to do it:

  • A large screen, maybe you should avoid wide-screens because some games are not compatible and only offer 3:4 resolutions. 17″ and up.
  • the Processor must be fast try considering a 2.6 Intel core2duo if you can afford it, But note that buying an intel processor will generally lead you to have the Intel video controller as a VGA and that is not good. AMD processors are also great with games, just select a high speed one, and it will come with an integrated Geforce or Radeon chip (It will never be as powerful as a desktop VGA even with the same chipset)
  • 4GB of RAM, because a new laptop means vista and vista’s minimum RAM for games is higher than it is for XP. also you may want to check if your laptop supports higher RAM sizes (up to 8GB),note that if you want 4GB or more of RAM you must have a 64bit processor and system. Check if you are ok with that.
  • Get your hard drive as big as you can, note that new games are all in DVD9 or more, 500GB and up.

Finally check the rated battery lifetime and make sure it is fine with you, also check the warranty for your laptop, the longer the better( it means that the laptop is rated to live longer).

If you want to buy it online I would recomment



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