Repair HP laptop charger yourself

reparing HP laptop charger

HP laptop chargers are really bad, No matter what version your laptop is DV4 DV6 anything. Your charger is very likely to stop working within a couple of years.

The most common issue that I have seen with HP laptop chargers is when they stop working because of a short circuit at the neck of the DC cable goining to the laptop.

The cable structure is the reason for this problem, you see, it is made as three coaxial layers, separated by a weak plastic insulator. The neck of the cable, usually subject to frequent bending; is the weakest like. Overtime, bending will cause the plastic to break, creating a very small area of contact between layers, the heat generated from the short circuit   will melt the plastic even further.

Please do not try to follow this tutorial unless you have some skills with electrical equipment repairs. Do this at your own risk, you may harm your charger, laptop, yourself, the neighbors, or even the Smurfs, and for that or anything else I can’t be held responsible.

I recommend that you have a multimeter to test for voltages and short circuits before you start.

How to Identify if this is the problem with my HP laptop charger


If  this was your problem, you may have noticed that your laptop may start charging if you moved the neck of the DC cable. Also you can use your multimeter to check that the voltage between the head of the DC plug (that goes in the laptop)  and the small needle inside of it is Zero.

Procedure to repair the charger of your HP laptop

Now that you are somehow sure that you have this problem, or if you have nothing to lose you can start.

1. Gently Use a cutter  to  remove the external insulator from the neck of the charger, careful not to cut the thin aluminium fiber beneath it.

2. check and confirm that you have a short circuit (two layers touching and the insulator between them is broken. the area may look burnt. check the picture below

Hp laptop charger shortcircuit

This picture was taken a little later in the process, in your case, the wire below should be wrapped around the one in the top, the burnt white plastic is the cause if the issue.

If you find a way to isolate the two layers without cutting the cable, then be my guest because I couldn’t . I had to do that by following these steps:

3. keep a short distance around 5 cm and  cut the DC cable.

4. carefully uncover all three layers on both sides of the cable. Make sure that no layer in connected to another. The final result should look like this:

reparing HP laptop charger


You may need to leave a little extra space than I did between layers to facilitate insulating them later.

4. Now connect layer 3  together tightly, then wrap it generously with Duct tape. other the tape layer connect layer 2, and insulate it.

fixing HP laptop charger image



Now, if you want to, you may add something fortify the area and avoid bending it. I added two plastic straws from ear cotton swabs.

Now twist the last layer together firmly, and duct tape the entire thing generously.

You may want to use your multimeter to confirm that the charger is actually working before connecting it to the laptop.

The final result looks like this. Not the best work ever, but it gets the job done.

HP Laptop charger fixed

If you messed things up, or just can’t do it. you can just get a new charger, you can get good deals on HP laptop chargers on amazon.

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