Rosewill RHM-556 3.5mm Circumaural Headset review

I got this headset from a while ago for $14.99. the price is very good when compared to other headsets with the same specifications.

Rosewill RHM-556 Circumaural HeadsetRosewill RHM-556 Circumaural Headset

Frequency Response 10Hz-25KHz this means that the headset is able to produce any sound with a frequency between  these two limits. Its good, since the human ear will only hear sounds ranging between 20 Hz to 20 Kz, so unless you are getting this headset for a dog you are OK.
Input Impedance 50 ohm A technicality, this is used to measure the power consumed.
Sensitivity 97dB ± 3dB This measures the smallest and the largest volume that the headset can produce. A compressor produces 120dB noise, we don’t want to reach that now do we?

Connector 3.5mm
just the standard plug  for any computer board
Ear Coupling Circumaural : this means that this is a headset not just earphones, it should cover your ear lobe, we will discuss this later 😉
Cord Length 9.8 feet. fair
Weight 7.05 oz. light

Microphone Impedance ~2.2K ohm good
Microphone Frequency Response 70Hz-20KHz the range of frequencies that the mic will be able to hear, good range.
Microphone Sensitivity -38dB ± 3dB the  faintest and the loudest sound you will be able to record, fair enough.

The specs are all good but now to the actual product test.
– The packaging is cheap, like way too cheap but that won’t cause a problem for me.

The plastic used in this headset looks weak, it’s not like it has fallen apart yet, but I would expect that to happen within the year.

Also size matters when it comes to headsets, this headset is too small, your ears will hurt if you keep it on for too long. Plus due to the size, this headset does not isolate you from external noises.

The mic is good, I use it to tune my guitar with a minimum of noise. Also the sound is higher than average, you will see some difference compared to your old headsets or earphones. Anyway the sound is not as amazing as in Sennheiser products

Finally, if you have tiny ears and a small head  (or if u r a gurl for short)  you will enjoy this headset. On the other hand, if you are an egg headed werewolf (or if u r a dude for short) don’t get these, just pay some more and get a better one.

If you are planning to buy these online I would recommend

Good luck

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