Speedup Wimax connection

speedup wimax Huawei BM325

Wimax can take a long time to connect. That’s because your network access device is pre-programmed with a set of frequencies that the device needs to go though and select the best one each time you restart your wimax connection.

Luckily, there is a way to speedup wimax connection, but in order for it to be convenient. You must basically use your device in the same place most of the time. We’re going to remove all unnecessary frequencies from the modem, and only keep the frequency from the closest wimax antenna to your usual usage location. We’ll perform the steps on a Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The same can be done with any other modem, but the interface may be different.

Steps to Speed-up your Wimax modem:


  1. On your user interface, go to the settings, and then click advanced. For the Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The password is “admin”.
  2. Click Freq settings. Copy all preconfigured frequencies to a file, print them, tattoo them, anything you see fit to never lose them! In my case the frequencies were:

  3. Fill all frequency field with N/A (if you're not using Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem just copy whatever is used to fill unused spaces). Except for the first field, fill the first frequency in it, in my case 2505000. Save then disconnect\connect. 
  4. Check if you can connect, also note the signal strength. 
  5. Start over with the next frequency, and note the results. 
  6. Choose the frequency that connected and gave you the highest signal. Copy it to the first field and save. 

    Speedup wimax Huawei BM325

    That's it, in my case, my modem now only takes a couple of seconds to connect, instead of the 10-20 seconds before the configuration. 
    Notice that your modem will not be able to switch to an alternative frequency if the closest antenna stops working, or if you move to a new location. If this happens, please restore the original frequencies that were preconfigured. 


    That's all about speeding up your wimax connecting speed. I hope you found this information useful. 

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