XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V 120mm Long Life Bearing CPU Cooler Review

I got this to use it with my Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz.

XIGMATEK Dark KnightXIGMATEK Dark Knight

Here is a short review of how I liked it, may be it will help you decide if you would buy it or not

35-233-029-03The packaging: Nothing extra cool, just regular but secure packaging. Anyway I regret that the installation manual, or should I say the installation manuscript was very short and unclear, they combined the installation instructions for core i7 and other Intel processors in the same steps and pictures although i7 has its own socket and its own metal base.

Installation: the installation of this thing is not very easy, I had to remove and reinstall it may be 3-4 times until I got it right, the installtion manual does not help at all. If you are installing it right now I have few hints for you.

– Do not install the motherboard into the case until you fix the metallic base under the CPU socket.

– Decide which way you want the fan to face before you install it. I recommend installing the fan on the right hand side of the CPU, the fan will suck air from the front of your case and hot air will exit for the back.

-The included thermal paste sucks, carful that the bag includes slightly more than enough, if you apply everything you will flood your CPU. They could have used a tube instead of the cheap paper bag.

-although the manual recommends installing the rubber bearing on the second plate of the heatsink, I found it impossible. the second plate from below and the third from up worked fine for me.

-Do not install the fan on the heat sink until you install the heatsink on the board.
Noise: at 2000 RPM, this thing is noisy the loudest thing in your case.

Temperature: without overclocking, I could keep my i7 920 at about 45-50 C idle, overclocked at 3.6Ghz the idle temp was between 55-60. anyway my board is always rotating it at level 10 2000 rpm.

Design Issues: The contact point beween and heat pipes and the CPU is painted with some glossy copper color, I think this is wrong. AlsoThe same contact point comes covered with some adhesive tape, when I removed it, some adhesive parts remained, I had a very hard time removing them.

Other than that the fan is good and in a good working condition (As an eBay seller would describe it).

You decide whether to buy it or not.

I recommend newegg.com if you decide to buy it