All about satellite internet

There are two types of satellite internet, 1-way and 2-ways. 2-ways require special equipments that are provided by the satellite internet provider, it is more expansive than the 1-way.

1-way satellite internet requires a normal dial-up, DSL line to transmit and the reception is done by a dish connected to the computer by a satellite card.
1-way satellite internet can be very useful in areas where no high speed internet is available, you can achieve a download speed from 512Kbps to 4mbps or more depending on your satellite internet provider.
To choose a satellite internet provider keep in mind the following.
Do they have good satellite coverage in your area?
What’s the speed?
What’s the bandwidth?
is the speed shared or dedicated?
what happens when I’m out of bandwidth? do they block me, or just reduce my priority and speed?
Do I have a satellite card and a dish?do they offer it? is it optional?
But there are many dark secrets about the satellite internet, and the major one is security.
You know that the satellite does not focus your data exactly on your dish, right? In fact every one in your continent can receive the data but normally only your satellite card will accept the data because it is sent with its MAC address. The dark side is that there are many software that are able to accept the data anyways from anyone! So to give you an Idea, everything you can see on your screen can be seen anywhere within the coverage area: Emails opened websites, downloaded files, pictures, ANYTHING.
To read more about how this is done and what they can get try googling “satellite offline download”.
So if you are getting satellite internet as the one any only source of internet to read your mail and do your shopping DONT.
But you can always use it for downloads and normal stuff.

Another down side of satellite internet is the ping delay. You can’t use satellite internet to make VOIP calls, to play online games, or anything that requires real-time communication.
I used satellite internet for a while, so if you have any questions please comment, and if you like this, Digg it!

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