Attend an AdSense webinar and learn how to improve your AdSense performance


I got an Email from google concerning a series of webinars (web seminars) over the coming months.
these webinars will discuss google adsense uses and optimization. here is a copy ofthe invitation letter I got:

Hello publisher,

The AdSense Team will host a series of webinars over the coming
months. At our webinars we’ll show you how you can grow your
AdSense revenue in a range of ways, for example by:

– using Google Analytics to identify which pages require
– making simple changes to your ad implementation
– using Google Ad Manager to backfill your unsold directly-sold ad
inventory with AdSense, and having AdSense compete with your other
ad networks

At each webinar you will also have the opportunity to consult an
AdSense specialist.

For more information or to register for a webinar, see

The Google AdSense Team

I registered for” AdSense Optimisation – Everything you need to know “.

To attend the webinar you will need  WMP, Quick time, or just the Flash player 6. and you need to be a Google publisher I think.

Will you be attending a webinar?  which one? what are you expecting?