Invitation to google Wave!

Yesterday I got an invitation to google Wave by email:


You are being sent this mail because you requested access to the Google
Wave Developer Sandbox. If you would still like a Google Wave Developer
Sandbox account, please fill in this linked form:

After filling in this form, you should receive a mail with your account
details within a few days.

Hope to see you on Google Wave soon,

– The Google Wave Team

I tried it on Opera and IE 7 and 8 and it was very buggy and slow. I will try it on Google chrome today, stay tuned for updates on this matter.

Did anyone else recieve invitations yesterday or today? did you do anything yet.

Update 1: First Picture of Google Wave. exactly as they presented in the IO conference

Google waveGoogle wave

I did start a wave, but nothing fancy yet, I’m looking up google wave API programming, I WILL BE BACK,

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