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I was shocked yesterday night to find a bunch of “Delivery failure” notices and auto replies in my Gmail inbox. Apprearantly someone or something was able to get my contacts list and send them all a forged email that appear to originate from my Gmail with invitation to &, a couple of work at home scam sites. The emails were personalized with the real contact name and many providers passed them to “inbox” and not Spam folders.

A sample of the emails that were sent:

[NAME]  I thought of you when I seen this get back to me

Digging deeper I discovered than it was not my Gmail that was compromised, but my Yahoo. some of the persons recieving these emails were not a part of my gmail contacts list. but the emails were forged as if they originated from gmail. I guess the reason for that is that my yahoo profile indicates the gmail address as the primary one.

If this happend to you too, here is what you need to do:

Find out exactly which email address was hacked. do not jump to conclusions assuming that the source of the emails sent is actually the one. compare to contacts list of each email to be sure.

Change your email’s password immidiately.

It is fair to assume that whoever pulled this off now have a database of you and all your contacts. and he can and will send more emails in the future. there is nothing we can do to stop him, but to pray every night that he dies a painful slow death soon.

As of how this happend to me, I’m not sure, but I have a few assumptions

1. The email was simply hacked. probably by using passwords from shady sites that I might be subscribed to.

2. I used an IM software, or logged in to my email through a virus infected computer.

3. One of the social sites that I gave my emails passwords to got hacked

I will be able to narrow down the exact reason with your help. please tell me why are you reading this page? what kind of email was the source of the spam? and any other idias you might have.

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