Opera Unite

Opera unite is a new service provided with the latest Opera browser 10.10. The idea is simple, you create an Opera account, and to that account, you can connect multiple computers (say: Home , Work, Notebook etc) and on each of these computers, you can install applications to do various things, like file sharing, or music streaming!


Other than that, you can connect to your friends computers, check the pictures they are sharing, leave them notes on the fridge (a note sending service is literally called fridge) , or listen to their music.

You can password protect your shared services to increase your security, but on the other hand you can go public and make the files you are sharing appear on search engines!

Another great feature of Opera Unite is the ability to provide a web server. You can host your own website on your computer without stressing over network related issues (static or dynamic IP, port forwarding etc). Opera will provide you with a URL that will give you direct access to your website from anywhere. I think I will write more on some applications of this very soon.

Many more applications are also available, like video streaming, group spreadsheet editor, file inbox and I expect much more to be available soon.

If anyone cares about testing the new Opera Unite as a group, please write your request here.