R.I.P Megaupload. it was a good run.


If you are wondering what the internet would look like if SOPA / PIPA where to pass, then take a look at this pretty screenshot taken today from the homepage of megaupload.com a 1 click file hosting website. One may argue that Megaupload.com was loaded with copyrighted material: movies, games, software, that are all available for download for free illegally, at the same time, Megaupload was making tons of money selling premium accounts and displaying ads to millions of daily viewers. But the thing is: why megaupload? how is it any different from rapidshare, filefactory, and hundreds of similar websites? Megaupload, like every other website took down any file after receiving a claim from a copyright owner, and that’s how all file hosting solutions survive. Was Megaupload just the first of many to come? will we still have any free file hosting service after all of this is over?

At least Megaupload got it good, they went to court, they got a lawyer, and they had their chance. But what of the rest? what will happen after SOPA (stop online piracy act) is in effect? man we should really get used to the sight of this FBI notice.

The elite hackers group Anonymous retaliated to the shutdown of megaupload by attacking the Depatement of justice, the FBI and some other copyright websites.

Many megaupload users are  furious for the loss of their legal contents and their subscriptions money,while users of other started packing their belonging stored with other  less than fully legal file hosting services.

This is just pre-taste of the bitter days to come,  where no information is safe, where websites get imploded into oblivion with the snap of a corporate finger. Rest in peace Megaupload, it was a good run.