Smart online shopping (Get % of money back and free coupons)

You can get a percentage of your money back (2%-17%) when shopping from your favourite online shops, the trick is not to go directly to the shop, but pass through Ebats.

This website seems to be a very interesting website, they have exclusive coupon codes for many of the major online shops like (, newegg) For example (Use Coupon Code EBATES10 to save 10% off all orders over $25 at AccessoryGeeks!) and it actually work! , since they just started, they will give you a free 10$ gift certificate from one of many shops and mail it to your home!!!.

Also if you sign up trough a referral link they will give you an extra 5$ that you can claim later on your paypal account.

To signup and get the extra 5$ use this link

(they will give  5$ too 🙂 ).

I hate referral scam but I really believe this not one, otherwise I wouldn’t write this in my own Blog. give it a try.