The Cheapest unlimited webhosting on the internet

I found this new host that made feel ripped off  $5.9 a month with my current host.

They have unlimited bandwidth to unlimited space for unlimited domains. I already have all of that but price here is only 1.99 $/month

It’s true that it is  relatively new, I know for sure that it has been out there for a year or more and it is still trying to find a place between the “monsters”.

I know a couple of websites hosted there and they are doing pretty fine.

This hosting service’s name is

I don’t know about you but I think that I found my next web host. It is rare to actually find a good service that is still selling way too cheap just for promotion. Really; don’t let it go.

In case you are wondering, yes the likes here are affiliate links and you will be helping out a little if you go there and subscribe, but at the same time, I’m note selling you crap! go there and see for your self