Use Opera unite to access thousands of shared music and video files

If you don’t know what is Opera Unite, then you can read some more about it here or visit the official website here

Today we will discuss how to use Google to access the media and data files that other Opera unite users are sharing after their permission to have their shared files indexable by Google.

To keep things simple I will set a few links that will give you direct access to Google search results.

1. Streaming music files
2.Streaming Video, Audio, and downloadable PDFs
3. Any shared files.
4. Shared Pictures

5.  Acess to self hosted websites click repeat the search with the omitted results included. to show all results.

Clicking  repeat the search with the omitted results included. will increase the number of results because Google tends to assume that multiple results are repeated.

Some of the results you will try to access will be offline, this means that the computer hosting the application is currently off, or Opera is not running.

Please carful while accessing self hosted website, there is no way to know the kind of material that can be hosted there. Also do not download suspesious or pirated apps from other’s computers, this can be very dangerous.

To have your opera services indexed by Google and publicly accessible, do the following.
1. register with opera unite and prepare all the application you want to share.
2. Right click each of the applications that you will be sharing and select properties.

sharing is caring3. click on the advanced settings arrow, then check “make application visible to search engines”.

4. If you wish for your files to be publicly viewable, please remove the password protection. to do so open the admin tab of the application that you sharing and click “Public” then save your settings.

sharing is caring 2 that’s it!

It’s of course obvious that your internet bandwidth will be affected if you are sharing huge files that are publicly accessible, and let’s not neglect the risk of virus infection if you were smart enough to open a publicly accessible “File Inbox”

Please do not do illegal stuff with the info provided here. Opera gave us a good thing, let’s not ruin it!

Feel free to post your Opera unite applications links (and passes if any) here.

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