Where does SPAM come from?

SPAM or junk mail is generated by programs called mass mail software. these programs can send thousands of emails per minute to a huge list of Emails. Now you must be thinking: How did my Email land in the spammer’s list??

Professional spammer have many methods to collect Emails from the internet, the Easiest method is to write a crawler program that can follow links, read texts, and detect emails, for this program to detect the text as an Email it must be in the form (myname)@(myhost).(com).

Also many sick webmasters are selling their user’s Emails to evil spammers.

So if you are getting spam you must have screwed up at some point in your life by:
Writing your Email on a forum as following


You must have used your main email to register in an obscure website, always have a second email to avoid giving you main email to spammers.

You or one of your friends that have you as a contact, got infected by some Email stealing worm. Some Virus and worms are designed to steal contacts from outlook and messengers. there is nothing much you can do about this but to protect your self and avoid having n00bs as your friends.

Another method to lose your Email to spammers is to use satellite internet, or even one of your friends, to chat using any messenger. you can read more about this on “everything about satellite internet”

Spam is a crime, so is killing spammers ! You can check this website to see how people a planning to kill their spammers.

If you dont use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other major free email providers. then your junk mail will not be filtered and you will have a hard time finding your real new emails. for that you need to buy a spam killing software.


What to you can do today to stop the spam is to say aloud


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