SBSettings: Best Cydia apps review

SBSettings - top Cydia apps


Probably one of the best Cydia apps ever, SBSettings is a must have for all jailbroken iDevice owners.

SBSettings is used to toggle anything On or Off. where ever you are. For example, you can switch Wifi on and turn off 3G or edge without leaving your application. Or you can switch between Edge and 3G to save your battery or increase internet speed. You can also use it free up some extra memory on the fly!.

SBsetting can be downloaded from Cydia, just open it and search for it. No need to add any extra sourses, it will be there. You might also look up some extra toggles while you’re at it to enable toggling extra stuff.

To use SBSettings, make sure that Cydia is off ( it won’t show up otherwise) then swipe your finger across the top status bar (this can be changed through Activator).

You can also search cydia for some extra SBSettings themes, to change the look and feel of it.

SBSettings - top Cydia apps

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