Top Cydia apps – The Best 10 Cydia apps.

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Cydia apps can be much more useful than itune’s. Because as you know, they do not have to comply to Apple app store’s terms and conditions, which are very strict by the way, and limit the possibilities to the iOS. From all of these, I give to you a list of the Top Cydia apps.

Many people know cydia just as the tool to get the ultrasn0w unlock, and maybe installous. But cydia apps are way too many, and many of them are MUST HAVE for a better iphone, or iPad experience.

My list of 10 free Top cydia apps.

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1. SBSettings: swipe your finger across the status bar to access many useful features like: toggle wifi, 3g, and data networks,  free up your RAM , respring or restart. This is one of the top Cydia apps for me.

2. Installous: a great app to try iphone apps. although it may not be legal.

3. iFile: get full control of your i device, iFile is a great file manager, something Apple thinks that we’re too n00by to handle.

4. dTunes, a nice itunes alternative, browse the internet download your music and movies, and just enjoy them. isn’t life wonderful?

5.  Bootlace: Install Android on your iphone!! a great app to show off to your freinds, although this cydia app can be dangerous because it rewrites you bootloader, read carefully the instructions before you install it. It’s great what cydia apps can do with the iOS.

6.Mobile theater: a great collection of movies , music and TV series to download and watch on your i device .

7. Backgrounder: Enable mutitasking on your iphone 3G. something Apple blocked for some reason, but cydia apps came to the rescue.

8. Winterboard: Modify you i device GUI as you please. change themes, sounds, whatever. without this cydia app we would be stuck with the stock iphone theme.

9. Mx Tube: download youtube videos and watch them whenever you want. this reminds me of the WM feel of the old days.

10 QuickReply to SMS: reply to your sms with an overlay form that can be used whatever you are doing with your iphone at the time.


I have a feeling that I forgot somthing in this top cydia apps list that definitely should be here…  Any ideas?

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