Internet, files and printers sharing on a windows 7 computer

Windows 7 has brought a change in the Windows handles Internet sharing ( internet sharing is one computer is connected to the internet and the rest of the computers on the LAN connects to it to get online).
For windows XP and Vista, internet sharing is achieved by setting the IP of the computer’s network card to then enabling a DHCP internal windows service to provide IP addresses to the rest of the computers. Windows 7 uses the following IP address instead : I don’t know what’s so cool about 137 other than the fact that it is not zero, which is the sub network used by many network admins and that could create conflicts when a used starts internet sharing.

to get Windows 7 to share an Internet connection, just right click the modem/ network card that is connected to the internet select properties then sharing, enable sharing to your LAN, that’s it.

Things get more complicated if you try to share a windows 7 internet connection through a wireless access point. Usually access points have a dedicated network port to be connected to the internet source (that is the case with D-link). if you just plug that into your computer it will not work, not only because of the fact that you will need to use a crossover (needs testing to confirm) to switch the send\receive lines. but also you will be unable to get file and printer sharing normally from the server computer. because the IP that your computer is proving the access point will be considered a WAN IP, and the access point will not be able to DHCP the client computers to the same IP range as the WAN IP.

The solution here is to place a switch between the wireless AP and the computer, with DHCP off. the AP will get the wan IP from your computer, something like, then with the AP’s DHCP it will assign IPs in the range of to other wireless clients.

to get file and printer sharing you will need to directly connect to the server computers IP, as it will not appear as a regular computer in your network.

to create a shortcut to the server’s shared files :
right click your desktop, select new then click shortcut
for the address write :

If you have file sharing enabled through your windows 7, you will be able to access shared files and printers.

I also have another approach that is not that catholic, and that is to place a normal network cable between the AP’s LAN ports and the switch. this will create an irregularity where the AP tries to assign an IP to the server, and the server already has an IP and that is the WAN IP of the AP, if you are lucky, your server will appear as a regular computer with other wireless clients, but this is a very unstable method and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I also noticed that file sharing speed through this method is not that great, I will look some more into that.

Any Ideas, thoughts or discoveries? please share 🙂

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